Top bridge camera in elegant design (no RAW format)

Top bridge camera in elegant design (no RAW format)

Sony DSC-HX400V digital camera (20 megapixel, 50x opt. Zoom, WiFi, NFC) (Electronics)

Customer Review

I have been shot about 1,500 photos (rain, sun, overcast, twilight u. Apartment) and wants to make a report for vacations. My short sentence: Top-camera!

+ After unpacking the product photos are confirmed: round plastic, but solid build quality and elegant appearance, also despite Mega-Zoom relatively light and handy
+ Would be traveling with a DSLR, would have much more weight - this is precisely the advantage of this bridge camera - all completely in one device
+ Photo quality: My current regular companion is the Canon PowerShot SX 260 HS which is equipped with a 20x zoom quite well. On one hand, easy to handle, the other hand, relatively small and even with GPS. Besides providing an "elderly" Canon EOS 450D in service (including 55 - 250mm standard lens). Why now so the Sony DSC-HX400V? The desire for more push and less camera gear on vacation and on the road ....
Coming back to the topic Photo quality the Sony DSC-HX400V. The results to date confirm my previous assessment: there is no DSLR, so no wonder machine, but you can do with exercise beautiful pictures anyway! With increasing focal length but increases the risk (despite stabilizer!) That blurred photos or become blurred. Higher ISO numbers also increase the image noise that rises well above ISO 400. Let us not forget that just a typical small sensor has been installed (1 / 2.3) - because you can not physically perform magic, but only ausreizen, as far as - and since Sony has done a good job. A steady hand, select the appropriate program depending on the subject and we achieved good to excellent results. Who dares, selects itself over the small scroll wheel, the shutter speed / aperture and is not infrequently find that automatic programs are not always the besssere choice. Who wants to take action ersthafter, should urgently consider a tripod, which increases the steadiness and avoid camera shake, so just more distant objects can be better frozen.

I photograph the way most with the setting L: 15M and 16: 9. Furthermore you can smile, but I have subsequently cut when viewing on TV or Mac equal to the correct aspect ratio and does not have here. I am well aware that the sensor has a different format (4: 3) and I do not use sensor size ... Here I come also to another of my favorite subjects: Megapixelwahn. A 12MP camera would have been too easy sufficient but Sony has decided to 20MP - why? Probably intended as the competition continues to be impressed with it customers ("more pixels are better"). But this is physically not. The more pixels must fit on a small sensor, the "close" it is for this, so the noise increases more because more pixels have to share the incident light. But anyway ", the images are ok -. So Sony has not too high gambled But who is pixel viewer, the noise is discovering more or less quickly when zoom in (post), as I said, the sensor is small and the Sony DSC-HX400V is No DSLR!

Why now so anyway as a "clumsy" part (as compared to the mostly handy camera that also offer a lot of zoom)? It has true 50-times zoom, and this needs to be built into a device. Despite this plastic also a certain weight is required. Pocket capability is no longer available. When the lens is fully extended, you know what you have.
+ Best image quality and (very) good definition: solid and beautiful image results (. Sony-typical noise performance such as Sony DSC-HX5V, I bought 2010) - we like animal photos, eg of cranes in the area -. here you can let off steam very good and in more detail than I revel the date was used
+ Good operability (restrictions below) - Program selection is easy as zooming, films and triggering.
+ Camera can be held with one hand, the wrist strap should always be mounted, absolutely increased when snapping (wrapped around his neck) stability
+ Beautifully sharp and high-resolution display that can be folded and bent horizontally
+ GPS (costs Akku_Leistung) and WiFi are current and useful features - NFC I can as apple "users do not use
+ The built-in flash is the way in rooms quite usable
+ Filter thread (55mm) allows the mounting of filters (eg. As UV / Polarizer)

+/- The electronic viewfinder is not quite my thing, nice feature, but quality can not be compared with my Canon EOS 450D; this has a sharp viewfinder and you immediately recognize all
+/- Maybe it's up to me.. To me it happens often that when touching the camera accidentally stow and the On / Off "button is pressed, the camera thus turns equal to the better off - in my previous cameras was the better resolved (eg. as rotary switches, recessed button)
+/- The release button is somehow wobbly, you can feel and hear when triggering the underlying spring - not built to last, which acts not very valuable
+/- No RAW format, only compressed data
Unfortunately +/- no real touch screen available

- Scarce accessories: no Battery Charger, batteries must be loaded on the device cumbersome (takes several hours, in which the camera can not be used), etc. No SD card Here, no storage bag - so you need to invest additionally unfortunately

FILMS: I have now tested a number of times - great quality and good sound - highly recommended, especially the films do fairly well with two-handed leadership and the total weight of the camera

Conclusion: want to cover a bridge camera for all those wide-angle and telephoto much completely and yet do not want to carry around hundreds of kilograms of equipment. I forgive despite limitations 5 points, especially as the price / performance ratio is quite ok.

Did you like my review helped in your decision to buy or search, you have any comments? About a "helpful" I would be definitely :-)

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