Top product for the garden - Gritter (almost) ade!

Top product for the garden - Gritter (almost) ade!

Einhell BG-US 2.5 Universal spreader, 2.5 l volume, area coverage max. 750 m² (garden products)

Customer Review

Have been for fertilizing, liming and grass seeding (approximately 1000 m² lawn) always a (Wolves) used Gritter. On the one hand takes a completely cover the surface with the Streuwagen several hours, because the spread of the stray car is narrower than the wheelbase. In addition, the grit is applied in cars, what it can be necessary to geichmäßigen application to draw overlapping paths or at right angles to it (crisscross) to perform multiple passes. Also, I had eg Rasenkalk (the fine, ungekörnten) and also partly in lawn fertilizer the problem that afflict individual scattered openings and therefore when spreading remained gaps. Even after the fertilizer I had always annoyed by narrow strips where then but no fertilizer was applied. So I have been looking for an alternative and wavered for a time between this product and the related spreader of Wolf. Both devices are very ählich but the Einhell is the better choice, but this later.


1. batteries?
The device requires 4 AA batteries (AA). Stand in the specification and the recessions that one for batteries (and no batteries) should take, because the battery performance would not be enough. Therefore, I have tried the same times if that's true. Have to 4 new Varta alkaline batteries and 4 fully charged Eneloop batteries Sanyo eneloop battery Mignon / AA HR 3UTGA min. 1900mAh 2000mAh 8er Type Bonus Pack 8 + 2 Batteries Battery boxes used. Result: With the Eneloop batteries, the device brings the same maximum speed of the lens as the batteries, but does this when you shut controlling the speed by the rotary wheel already in position 1-2 to a halt, but this is not a problem (is just another wheel alignment; mainly the maximum power suits). Moreover, this behavior is due to the lower voltage of the battery normal. Conclusion: batteries take, but good! Small remark on the edge: The battery cover is a little hard to open, there can times a fingernail believe it. Unlike in a recession for Wolf-spreader here Batteries and VRLA without leaving terminals easily and expand.

2. Use of garden lime and fertilizer
Have first endurance test made with the ungekörnten, fine lime. It's amazing how the device itself with this cardboardy lime cope. In addition to a beautiful 2.5-meter semicircle, in the fly the bran grains from the device, the fine, powdery lime produced a huge cloud of dust. To reduce this, I have kept the unit slightly forward closer to the grass surface, but that reduces the radius of the storage preparation. Recommendation here: to use licensed Rasenkalk - then it goes almost without dust. In the processing of lime, I was surprised at how quickly you can work with the control. The 2.5 liter filling can be in 2-3 minutes on the lawn muster (set maximum speed of the wheel). Also (granular) lawn fertilizer is to distribute super. Conclusion: For gekörtnes grit highly recommended, fine grit is also great, but dust may "like hell".

3. Use with grass seeds
Even with the use of lawn seed the spreader is awesome. The processing involves many times faster than with the Gritter. However, there is a natural problem that limiting the lawn does not work as cleanly as with a broadcast spreader. By spreading radius and possibly by wind, it can be almost inevitable that some seeds are blown in the beds at the edge regions. Then later has lawn where it should not go. Here, however, the following procedure has proven to be useful. Almost no wind you can edit large areas easily and quickly with the spreader to about 1 meter to the Beetbereich. For the border area then you rummages possibly but his Streuwagen out, scatters the edge old native of hand or tried as follows: setting a lower speed and aperture amount and keeping the appliance to Rasemmitte while running down on the edge strip between lawn and flower bed. Thus, the scattered semicircle shows always to lawn middle. The device should be kept a little lower, so that the grass seed is not flying around as much. Conclusion: Works great in compliance with the above conditions.

4. General Handling
The unit fits comfortably in your hand and is for filling firmly on his feet. Unlike the wolf-spreader (I had considered as an alternative to consider,) is here the handle closed behind. This facilitates handling because when inclined forward device, or if you pivot the device, the hand edge back supported on the handle. As I said, the battery cover is a little fiddly, but not grounds for a devaluation. Who supports the device in a tool shed or garden shed, should remove the battery after use of the device, since the move from high temperatures broken.

Conclusion: For the gardener use absolutely recommendable device. Saves a lot of time and also allows the targeted re-fertilizing, overseeding or liming of individual areas. (The use of road salt I have not tested.)

Addendum 10.04.2012:
Just got a new endurance test made with the device and distributed 75 Kg granular Herbstgartenkalk on the lawn.

Result and experiences:

1. The cluster container holds more than 5 kg of lime, you can feel the first moment in the metrological information of the device of 2.5 liters. (Higher specific gravity)
2. The whole process took less than 45 minutes despite 15maligem refilling (and unpacking because I had 15 packets of 5 kg from a special offer)
3. Despite the highest adjustable opening and highest speed level kept the Eneloop batteries used by me (see above) easily without a sign of weakness by. The scattering radius was placed even well above 3 meters, which corresponds to a track width of more than 6 meters.
4. The down-regulation of speed at shaft is fully open is not necessarily recommended, because an excessive amount of material at very low speed can block the Streurad. But is not a big problem: close the cover, blow out rotating wheel, rev speed controller and start again.
5. Gently rotate the device with the wrist while the spreading operation, the ejection amount can not increase because the grains then even better trickle through the shaft opening, thus saving time.
6. Without dust it does not go well with granulated garden lime (depending on the type), unfortunately; However, this is negligible as compared to using normal lime.

Conclusion: I'm still absolutely loved the unit and it can really recommend!

An appeal to the conclusion:
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