Top quality 2

Top quality 2

Artwizz ScratchStopper Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector for Apple iPad Air (Matt) (Accessories)

Customer Review

Have had very good experiences with ARTWIZZ films on multiple devices and therefore bought back this.

It is located 1 film in the pack - so you have only 1 attempt.
The actual film is sandwiched between a lower carrier film and an upper cover film. For this is even a card for removing air bubbles, 2 adhesive pads to remove dust and a small Microfasertüchlein in the package.

The lower film is drawn off slightly to position the actual screen protector and align on an edge. Then, the carrier film can be pulled off slowly, with the screen protector applies (with the cover sheet on it). This attracted by static electricity dust particles can be removed with the supplied 2 adhesive films.
If you do have particles between display and foil his fall, the film can be raised again with the cover sheet, to remove the dust.
Everything is laid clean, air bubbles can Vedas out deleted using the supplied card. After that, the cover sheet can be removed.

For me, the film has made it possible Artwizz optimum results again. For Apple devices, I use only these films. Blanks, processing and results leave nothing to be desired. Whether matt or gloss everyone must decide for themselves. I have re-elected a matte film for my new iPad Air. The marginal impairment of retinal quality I feel less disturbing than ever dazzling displays on which one only sees himself or his fingerprints (for work in a technical environment). Since then, a fortiori, not much to see from the quality of the Retina displays.

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March 31
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January 18
Ideal for épilacire tank Rank: 5/5
July 3
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February 12

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