TZ-71: GPS, WiFi, NFC, RAW, not a microUSB

TZ-71: GPS, WiFi, NFC, RAW, not a microUSB

Panasonic DMC-S Lumix compact camera TZ71EG (12.1 Megapixels, 30x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD, Full HD, WiFi, USB 2.0) Silver (Electronics)

Customer Review

I have the TZ-71 wanted me as a successor camera for the TZ-31, confirmed because of the better performance in weak light, the faster release and the higher zoom range, all three properties, but at the price of a larger and not as wertig acting housing ,
NFC Contact for Grade 3 is confirmed by beep, but nothing happens, either when transferring the geotagging data even when wifi contact. Maybe that helps the Lollipop update ;-)?
The "missing" GPS has the advantage that you no longer have to wait until the GPS has eingepeilt (0,5 - 2 min). Therefore you have to pre-load the app on his phone Panasonic Image and must "start geotagging" what unfortunately clearly draws on the battery (1h Note 3 without tagging 97% residual battery, with 90% tagging, single measurement). Then you should have backup power for mobile phones here. The transmission of data passes over the Panasonic Image app via Wifi "Send batch" with. After the transfer, the app asks if it can erase the data (on the phone), and then offered the GPS to write data to the images (the other way would be better). Alternatively, can also be started from the TZ-71 for the batch transfer the GPS complement. Unfortunately, I could not figure out what format the data is transferred (.gpx)? Because then possibly would be possible to transfer the GPS data from Garmin. For info I would be grateful.
Panasonic has built no micro USB connector even with a current model of this year, but its own proprietary connector but (again a cable longer on vacation) and should really not be!
The Panasonic RAW format is recognized neither by my Lightroom 4.4 still ACDSee 8 Ultimate. The available with Panasonic codec refuses to install on Windows 8.1. So the advantage of RAW images into perspective real quick, because in the image processing software of Panasonic I want to familiarize myself not only because of RAW images.
Wifi is unfortunately a little bit complicated, it is, however, that you can access the camera directly with either Wifi or can integrate into a home network to Image APP to contact the Panasonic. Both work and can then be saved as a favorite, then what is very helpful. However, the image transfer from the camera to a Sony TV current work is very slow and therefore not really usable.
The "step backwards" in the resolution I do not tragic, the quality is me so perfectly adequate and it saves a considerable amount of disk space.

In spite of everything, I like the camera and I'll keep it, because it allows simple, fast, high quality to take pictures.

My wishes to the TZ81 would a smaller lighter housing and better support NFC, and a RAW codec for the current Windows versions.

What can I say .......... 4 Rank: 5/5
February 10
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December 10
Excellent 6 device Rank: 5/5
April 29
Supports 150 KG Rank: 5/5
January 21
That happiness 143 Rank: 5/5
August 10

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