ultra-compact Megazoom camera, excellent imaging results, manual controls, but expandable WiFi capabilities

ultra-compact Megazoom camera, excellent imaging results, manual controls, but expandable WiFi capabilities

Nikon Coolpix S7000 Digital Camera (16 Megapixel, 20x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD display, USB 2.0, image stabilized) gold (electronics)

Customer Review

First things first, the image / movie quality:
The image quality is by far the best in the fully automatic compact camera for me. In daylight shots she is not objectionable, even when photos indoors or in dark places, the noise keeps very limited. Topp value, and almost more than five stars !!! Only the flash intensity diminishes in some shooting something at the bottom of the screen when it comes. Macro shooting is possible from 1 cm distance and open actually, the 20x optical zoom works smoothly. So that everything is from wide-angle to telephoto shots covered.
The Full HD video recording (1 minute claim about 120 MB of disk space in the unalterable mov format) are also of astonishing quality - even when panning and zooming. However, one must have a very steady hand on the basis of the compact size of the camera, so that images are not blurred despite Image Stabilizer ...

Delivery, shape, weight and appearance:
The camera comes with a multilingual, but not detailed in every way manual. The power adapter for charging on the socket must only be plugged together a bit tedious, the engagement of the parts into each other you have to use quite a bit of pressure. A loop is a pocket not. The battery is to be used fortunately already charged.
For a device with its 20x optical zoom and corresponding thereto retractable lens, the camera is extremely compact (closed about 10 x 6 x 2,5 cm, width x height x thickness) and with about 160 grams of very light. The gold-colored variant is incidentally not so decadent over as one would expect: She looks really great ... ;-)
I myself have built a SanDisc 32GB SDHC card (Class 10, up to 40 MB / s) for the record.

The compact camera has mostly the same features and the same structure as models from other manufacturers, it really is fully automated and is very well suited for casual clippers. Very commendable is in addition to the excellent image quality, however, that the automatic mode on the attached to the rear multi selector manual adjustments in terms of hue and saturation and exposure are possible class. In addition, on the back of the camera a separate recording button for video recording exists, the functions of the unabängig which is set at the top.
Most automated functions are very helpful and bring amazing results to light, for example, when it comes to automatic retouching in portraits, in others - such as the "Short Film Screening" - she will not reveal to me the meaning.
In order to mobile devices photos or videos - in my case a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - send and to share that Nikon App "Wireless Mobile Utility" must be installed on the smartphone. When this is done, the whole thing works both via WiFi and via "nudge" the devices via NFC (the latter must be enabled on the smartphone).
Per mini-HDMI port can also connect the camera easily with my TV.

General comments and reviews:
The camera has no optical viewfinder, of course, everything works on the mounted towards the rear wall 3 '' - screen. This is very detailed and well in the sun very rich in contrast, about touch features it lacks. The display quality is significantly to the Zoom In.
The mode dial on the top snaps unfortunately not always perfectly when I get the camera out of his pocket, it depends sometimes between two settings, and it comes at the start of the device, an error message. The Frick celled assembling the power adapter plug has unsettled me, and the size of the power adapter takes a lot of space, for example, a to a power strip. The smartphone app - in my case, Android - could be improved. Although you can very quickly send files, but that the app can not be deleted permanently and implants itself in the status bar of my smartphone and repealed NFC connections are not detected, can be expanded.

A qualitativ quality or visually appealing even in gold compact camera with super zoom, excellent image results and partially manual control.

EDIT 1: built my SD card.
EDIT 2: 11:04:15, 18:46 clock, shape and heading
EDIT 3: 11:04:15, 18:55 clock, HBMI - HDMI

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