Unfortunately, described incorrectly, unnecessary and too expensive for

Unfortunately, described incorrectly, unnecessary and too expensive for

Be! Mama Pants extension, Set: 4-stage adjustable (extension of approximately 2 to 18 cm possible) - COLOURS (Textiles)

Customer Review

I thought that the pants extension is a good solution for the transition. It comes in two sizes, sounds great as well at. Unfortunately, the smallest size is not as described, about 2 cm Special 5 cm! That's way too far! The application also does not fit there, a pity that there's not a minor are doing.
The second band is mega big that it looks funny if you want to wear it. If one is so heavily pregnant, but I recommend to wear maternity pants, especially if then ride up the top part and the open zipper can be seen, it looks just plain weird. So totally unnecessary! Then use rather for moving a hair tie!
In addition, the rubber is not elastic enough so that it often depresses when you sit down.
In addition, I could not understand why I had to pay 2.90 shipping for an envelope (or is it because that Amazon mitverdient on shipping ??)

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