Unfortunately, far too strong IPS Glow

Unfortunately, far too strong IPS Glow

LG 34UM95-P 86.4 cm (34 inch) LED Monitor (HDMI, Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, PC Audio, 5ms response time) black / silver (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

I vacillate 2-4 stars.

Seen Professional2 star, seen privately 4 stars.

The format and size of cut to a really, admire photos and films it is something very great.
Accordingly, I was extremely sad when I had to pack it again.

To put it briefly: unfortunately not the panel meets professional requirements. The IPS Glow just too strong. It lights in rainbow colors from every corner. He is not illuminated very homogeneously.

A used for comparison drawn Samsung S27D850T, also with IPS display, on the other hand cut to worlds better.

Thus, the colors are distorted and the contrast towards the corners is always lower. Also it is essential to look at the screen head-on, because the steeper the angle, the worse is the IPS Glow.

Color Correction / Grading is thus to make it almost impossible.

Unfortunately, there is far too much variation within a series with the monitor.
On the pack of my device though rev02 was but on the monitor itself was noted Rev00 (Production dated December 2014). I do not know how LG makes the revisions, but definitely my monitor was probably the revision Monday device.

What I also noticed is that the panel appears to be 'placed' in itself probably only in the context. It can be pressed easily, such as if it is floating loose in the frame. Do not know if this should be so (I guess so, part of the design) but it makes no siginificant.

And since I do not have time on my happiness to hope in the I order a new me, I prefer to leave it all.
Apparently, there are brands of this model, which are illuminated very homogeneously and have little to almost no IPS Glow, unfortunately my part not to do so.

Therefore, a very, very sad, "No, thank you" from me.

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