Unfortunately, no satisfactory result

Unfortunately, no satisfactory result

Veet Spawax - electric hot wax Set (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

I have already tried many ways of depilation and wondered what to expect at the Spawax Set of Veet.

The handling is very simple and straightforward.
It makes the required amount of wax discs in the plastic tube, which is lined with metal and waits with the lid closed, until they are melted. Here we need a little patience, because a single disc already requires about 15 minutes to melt. Also, one should stir occasionally during cooking with the spatula provided.

While using the lower part of the plastic vessel is lit in a bright red, so you can see in any case that the unit is in operation. This is meaningful and useful, particularly in view of the fact that the device has no switch and no switch-off after a certain time has.

When the wax has finally reached the right temperature, it can be found relatively easily and apply to the skin with the spatula. If you try this too early, the wax pulls strong threads and you know that you should be patient for a few minutes before you start with the depilation. It is nice that the device keeps the wax exactly at the right temperature during operation.

The skin should be cleaned the way before treatment and free of grease and the hair should optimally be about 2mm long.
I myself have tested the wax on his arm under the armpit and in the bikini area. Here, I have always treated only a small area (about 5x2 cm) and this was in retrospect a very good decision. To this end, the same more.

First, it should be noted that the removal and applying the wax with the plastic spatula works well and quickly. The wax itself I feel on the skin as a hot but not too hot. The smell of the wax, I find in the heated state artificially and slightly uncomfortable. But this is a matter of taste.

After applying the wax (about orange skin thickness, as recommended by the manufacturer), then you have to wait about 30-60 seconds before you remove the wax strips with a jerk of the skin. Stripping works present without additional non-woven strips and works well and relatively residue.

Unfortunately, the removal, depending on where you use the wax, of course, very painful. This is in the nature of things and would I also be acceptable if the result would be at least perfectly. For me, however, about half of the hair remained just the bikini area and underarms. Especially in view of the fact that according to the manufacturer should each area only once growing and severe pain, this is a very unsatisfactory and unpleasant results. In my fine Armhaaren contrast the result was good and satisfactory. Here of course the pain was much more bearable.

All in all could get the Spawax Set of Veet not convince. I had hoped to be able to permanently remove unwanted hair in difficult places where epilation does not work so well with the Spawax straight. This hope was quickly destroyed by the bad result. For me, this is so Spawax unfortunately become uninteresting because I just would rather be reach in view of the unclear follow-up costs and the unsatisfactory result for my epilator or shave.

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