++ ++ Update a beast from the Android Tablet range - Many improvements to its predecessor ++ ++ Update

++ ++ Update a beast from the Android Tablet range - Many improvements to its predecessor ++ ++ Update

Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 SGP511 (10.1 ") Tablet PC (touch screen, 2.3GHz quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, Android 4.4) Black (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

I purchased the LTE version of the tablet in Black at eBay Classifieds.

The predecessor, the 'Xperia Tablet Z' I had also and want to incorporate a little comparison in my review.
First of all: I am Android fan through and through. Therefore, I can no comparison around with an iPad or similar make.
I have been owners of previously 3 Sony products in recent years, including the predecessor of this tablet, as already mentioned, and the 'Sony SmartWatch 2' - therefore was and I am very of the processing equipment manufactured by Sony in and of itself convinced and they would previously Recommend without hesitation.

But now to review per se:

The Äußere- and first impression

After unpacking, I was once surprised: The tablet is again thinner than its already extremely flat acting predecessor, now there are only 6.4mm.
It is approximately 434 grams (the version without LTE is with 424 grams a little easier) very easily and thus a long operating hours is very comfortable.

The edges of the device, in contrast to its predecessor made of aluminum, making it very robust and feels also typical dibasic. The sides of the Tablet Z were still made of glass, but this left no less qualitative impression.

On the front dominated the 10.1-inch (25.6-cm) Full HD Bravia LCD TRILUMINOS display, which, as the name suggests, with 1920 x 1200 pixels dissolves. (1200 instead of 1080 pixels in height, therefore, because in many situations that are on-screen buttons appear to navigate)
The display makes a tremendously good impression and give me at the beginning very good black levels, the white balance, however, differs slightly from the greyish area and is compared warmer than the calibrated my Nexus. 5

Top Right of the case sits a discreet notification LED. This is, in my view, along with the reallocation of speakers, have been the best move to Sony could make the LED is now no longer difficult insightful installed on the side, but at the top, the same applies to the speakers.
The speakers were installed on the former at the lower sides, you have these, although even then difficult obscured, however, was the sound of a way rather than spent on a back. This has been improved with the Z2 Tablet.
The 2-megapixel front-facing camera has been installed in the top center.
Furthermore, to find something more to the right of the camera light and proximity sensor.

The back is like the previous model of soft-touch plastic, and feels slightly rubberized on.
The grip is good and of course incorrigible prevents slipping all times.
On the back of the 8-megapixel camera, and an NFC chip is installed. The only change here is the NFC chip: this has now shifted from the central portion of the predecessor under the camera.
Camera Technically you have to rely on the same sensor as the Tablet Z, unfortunately so are only moderate Photos feasible.
In good lighting conditions so you can get good pictures in low light, however, the quality is poor and it gets strong noise noticeable. Unfortunately, even here no Photo light was installed.

On the left side is only the power button and the volume up Volume down rocker to find. Both appear to be produced from aluminum and have a very pleasant pressure point. Both are very well made and does not wobble.

The Tablet is like his predecessor after the IP IP55 / 58 standard Dust and waterproof.
This has to mean concretely that also dives and snapshots with the device are possible, here are the qualifications a depth of 1 meter for half an hour.
Unlike its predecessor, is dispensed with a cap at 3.5 mm jack connection for the headphones, this is now waterproof without.
The headphone port is unfortunately very impractical installed at the bottom left of the device and thus difficult, in about one case, usable.
Additions to the Mico-USB port and the slot for a Mico-SD card (up to 128GB) and a micro-SIM card (only the LTE model) are accessible on the top under water and dust tight caps.
Moreover, it was on top of another IrDA port (infrared interface) installed, which makes it possible all sorts of devices from a distance with the tablet to use.

All in all, the device acts Sony-typical high-quality fabrics.
My unit creaks, nor make the speakers unpleasant noise when they are turned on (as reported by a number of other owners).

Internal specifications

Here we come to the reason why I have called a "beast" in my title the tablet.
A brief overview:

- Snapdragon 801, 4 cores with a clock speed of 2.3 gigahertz
- 3 GB RAM
- 16 GB of internal memory (expandable up to 128GB via Micro-SD)
- 224ppi in just over 10 "screen size

This tablet is like the big brother of the Xperia Z2, the mobile variant.
Here you'll find the most cutting edge hardware, packaged in an externally very attractive design, for me even the most qualified Android device next to the HTC One M8.

With 3GB of RAM and a processor that is clocked at 2.3GHz, smooth working is possible without problems.
Programs are loaded without noticeable delay from the RAM and are displayed smoothly.

Comes the Z2 tablet with the latest version of Android (4.4.2 Kitkat - Stand 16.05.2014).
On this operating system Sony puts his own Xperia user interface, which is nevertheless still ajar close to the vanilla Android. Unfortunately, not as strong as the Sense UI of HTC One, but not as dramatically as the surface from Samsung.

Coupled with many useful features such as "Small Apps" - a selection of the window displayable on the normal screen content apps such as a calculator, a remote control or a browser window, and intelligent features such as the Stamina mode of Sony - which WLAN u.ä , off in standby mode, you get here is a tablet with the most mature in my eyes Android Experience in this area.

It is worth mentioning at this point perhaps a unique feature of the LTE version: You can make calls with your tablet! - I still have not tried it, because my simcard ordered has not arrived yet, but it is possible to call people with the preinstalled Diler and counter to take calls.
Once I get the opportunity to test this feature, I will supply later this.

The touch screen is a capacitive and with me unfortunately one of the weak points, the reason why I can forgive only 4 stars here.
With me sometimes extreme dropouts in the fingerprint recognition are noticing, that is clear:

- The useful unlock gesture of 2-times-tap the screen only works sporadically
Only every 6th Tab will unlock shortly after the example correctly identified -

This makes the machine actually unusable.
Now ask yourself determines some "why 4/5 stars ?!"

The Answer:
After about 2 minutes of use (provided that possible) seems to lay with me the problem.
occasionally some tabs the navigation buttons are on eg. not recognized, but that does not detract from the overall performance.

Of course there is no question that Sony as needed rectifying, hopefully it is remediable through a software update.
Reminder: Sony had at launch of the Xperia Tablet Z About new problems, but these could resolve after some time by a firmware update.

Many users complain about this problem affected to both the WiFi-only, and the LTE variant be.



+++ Absolute quality appearance and processing
++ Grandiose display
++ Overall Performance
+ Useful software features


- - - Touchscreen initially almost not operate (hopefully fixed with an update)
- Slightly greyish-looking white balance, but the only noticeable in direct comparison with better displays
- No Photo light available

On the whole, it is not advisable from a purchase in any way.
The device is a feast for the eyes and works, provided that the touchscreen is usable, properly.
Of course, not all devices are affected by this problem! However, the problem occurs in order not to mention it in with a wide variety.

Should there be more updates I will of course continue to diligently report!


Updated on 05/30/2014

Here follows another small update regarding the Sony Xperia Tablet Z2.

The update has arrived!
For several days now haunted about the information on the Internet, it's on the firmware version '17 is an update .1.1.A.0.402 'available, which should commit the problem with the touchscreen.

So I tried to get hold of morbidly this update and after a week had already written almost a complaint email to Vodafone, the seller of tablets.
When I now joined the tablet via micro USB to my PC and the 'Sony PC Companion' launched appeared the message that the update is available!

The update has been around 130MB in size and installed after the download in approximately 8 minutes.
The me so far been incurred bug was eradicated thanks to the updates!

The Tablet responding now reliably on each tab, so too is waking from hibernation with a fast double-Tab on the off screen, again without complications possible.
Some people report that the problems probably exist during charging more, this is true for me not to.

So Sony has done it again, the touch problems, as has been to eliminate the predecessor, after some time via software update.

Of course, I thought it was an absurdity that makes again a big company like Sony, such Faupax, but I am also glad that they get propped it every time to eliminate the problems with an update.

So I raise my rating to 5 stars, a buy recommendation is now a must for fans of Android Tablets.


-> Also a big thank you for the diligent reading and review my review!
---> I also recommend you to read the comments, there are always questions asked about the device, which will then be answered by me or other users! Check it out!
----> So hard I try, it may always be that spelling and comprehension problems creep in my review, which can spoil your reading experience, so I apologize ... :)
Of course I am still for questions unanswered, do not hesitate to ask, after all it is a lot of money, which is to be well spent;)

If you still think of questions so do not hesitate to write them in the comments, I will then supply later in the review.


Marcel Kroll

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