Upsetting 14

Upsetting 14

Another dance (Paperback)

Customer Review

By closing the book I thought: here is a beautiful story of lives, violent feelings supported by a style, writing mastered, pleasant that allow the story to not fall into the trash and is built around a psychology extremely well studied characters.
A book also surprising for the originality of its construction: Changes views point, returns in the past of the characters to understand the logic of their actions, their choices, what they are.
I was also struck and affected by the violence of feelings, adults traumatized childhoods where all lacked the love and benevolence of loving parents and chase a happiness that is already wearing them but who not seeing the struggle in revenge, pain, scattered, stories without a future to feel alive.
The end of the book is nothing spectacular: it is not a thriller where the plot unravels at the end of the book. No this is a story of life where the end of the book lets us see a perspective of life of the main protagonists: Some have understood and it is in gentleness, patience and love they rebuild ...

This is the first Pancol K. I read, I will for sure by trying another!

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January 23
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