Very average, not at Giants

Very average, not at Giants

Skylanders: Swap Force - Starter Pack (Video Game)

Customer Review

This long-awaited novelty is not quite at the level hoped for me.

+ Points:
- The spirit and consistency of the Skylanders world, faithful to the first opus 2
- The originality of swap power system, with new specific phases of the game (just like challenges, but integrated into Story Mode)
- The ability to jump (although this is not really an improvement in my eyes, it does not really missed the old games, they would have just thought of that before).
- Full compatibility ancient figures: they maintain their level caps (even unlocked the helmet nightmare mode Giants), silver (handy for shopping at the store). Provided they do not reset the figure in "Manage", it can be found intact when returns to Giants mode.
- Compatibility of the new portal with the Giants and Spyro games

Points -:
- Graphics! Texture deteriorated sharply compared to the Giants game. Even the colors of Skylanders change, gold becomes a pale orange, silver becomes steel, many characters become "ugly" (no they were fine before but such Bouncer loses its side and metal foil). In the game an impression of vagueness is present everywhere, both in decor and in the characters' actions (eg is not precisely distinguishes the aspiration of Jet-Vac and Whirlwind has the colors of the rainbow sky seem mixed)
- No challenges of Cali! So the life of the game takes a hit. Although the number of chapters in Story Mode is therefore, it does not replace the time spent playing Challenges that allowed to have "hand" on the development of our Skylanders. Rest conventional developments to buy, quests to unlock, arena fights.

In the end a lot of positives to diversify the game, but the only really negative (texture, graphics) is the one that makes all the difference in terms of fun to play.

My conclusion: as an adult, if you loved the Giants game, you may be disappointed by the game Swap Force. By cons it is virtually in the game Spyro in my eyes, so let's say a decline after expanding. So if possible try before (in demo store for example), before investing in a multitude of figures (though calculating his shot well with the compatibilities of power, 8 Swap Force enough to unlock all).
My 2 children ages 6 and 8 are still fans of the world of Skylanders, love the new figures Swap Force, but were a bit disgusted that their old favorite characters like I quote "to the wicked" (see Hot Dog to get convince ^^).
If the decision is taken in family or if it is a command for Dad Christmas ... well buy the game, but thoroughly manage your wallet because the figurines investment is not worth as much as the shot Giants particular.

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