very awesome game

very awesome game

Sparkle 2 (app)

Customer Review

Super gameplay, super colors, super graphics and even sound to super ...
It everything is just right.
Mir reveals itself also absolutely no logic why the game in German should be simpler and more beautiful than in English.
And if because of the work of 60MB downloads from Amazon is too much, which it is free but the game to pull the play goals ... where is the problem?
So again, the game is just really cool.
After reading reviews as: "will not run on S4 Do not Run on S4." Or "Not installed" even a little hint in this direction:
Just take the main memory one or two apps, so the few MB are free ... and then the installation should pose no problem. then, if this is game here on SD installed, you can safely main memory, who is usually quite spacious enough, quite fill again ... it will just come only during the installation a little more space is required ...
So, and the file size, where there seems to be also still a lot Unklarhekten ...
Which is different from one device to another ... for my great-touch, so the very old Galaxy Note, there are 131MB ...
And again for the game .... it's just a really nice time in color designed game with absolute addictive! : O)

Finally 7 1 Rank: 5/5
June 30
good product 615 Rank: 4/5
January 27
good product 822 Rank: 5/5
July 13
Great product! 1463 Rank: 5/5
May 11
Very nice collection 3 Rank: 5/5
October 25
US standard charger Rank: 3/5
April 19

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