Very awesome

Very awesome

Rocksmith 2014 (with cable) - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)

Customer Review

I have had as a hobby guitarist my problems with Guitar Hero, for whatever reason. I then times of Rocksmith belongs to learn from one who has begun guitar. Now I have the game already no less than half a year and I'm thrilled. Not only the songs that were included are very well worked, but also the art games. I was able to improve my skills and even learn a thing or two songs.

The software recognizes which tone to play and in part on which string, recognizes the error and displays it accordingly. If you make progress, the songs are heavier and so can you with some practice soon learn new songs, or get close to tricky solos. Especially for beginners an ingenious concept!

Even properly creamy is the shop. Depending on your taste, you can expand the arsenal of songs from Rocksmith. Here's some more songs. Unfortunately not all the songs, but more than you need to get ready for a cover band.

I've searched and wanted to find negative and I must say for me is the cable has fallen a bit short. But if you have even the urge when you have to play a little expect that you unceremoniously pulls a couple of times on the PS3 to move - but I think because I own fault.

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