Very complete and very well illustrated book

Very complete and very well illustrated book

Wood Guide, carpentry and cabinetmaking (Hardcover)

Customer Review

This book is perfect. Being a second year carpentry tray and passionate, I opted for this book and I do not regret it.
It addresses all the most important topics:
-The Wood raw material: It will for each type of wood and derived a very complete description;
-The Wooden achievements: They show us basically everything that can be done (arrangement, security, ...);
-The Hand tools: Some states and states of tools very well described, from the types of planes to clamp;
Electric -L'outillage: Different electro-portable tools are presented and their uses;
-The Machine tools: Each machine is thoroughly described (the parts of the machine, the safety, its uses, techniques, ...);
-L'atelier Staff: My favorite part. Advice is given to equip his workshop and arrange over the surface. Examples are illustrated;
-The Connections: Almost all types of joints are presented and tips are given to achieve them in different ways;
-Cintrer Woods: You learn different techniques to "tweak" the wood;
-The Veneer and marquetry: All is well explained. This goes to the various tools offered grounds, through the explanation of techniques;
-The Sculpture: Same as the previous chapter, very complete for those who wish to engage in wood carving;
-The Finishing wood: Different varnish, sanding paper, etc. are presented;
-The Glues and hardware: Everything is in the title!

I recommend very strongly this book. I do not put 5 stars for the simple reason that in the description of the book, it was said that the combined machines would be presented (something that was made in the old version), and they removed. I admit that it is rather harsh to remove a star for that but it will have been able to crack many people (especially for small shops).

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February 18
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February 20
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February 12
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March 17

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