Very effective 148

Very effective 148

Sonic Alert Alarm SBB500 "Sonic Bomb" (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

This awakening is extremely effective. [A] The alarm can be set very high, to the point where we are awake even if you wear earplugs. [B] The flash assistance revival, but one and if you turn your back on waking, he is not sure that one is awake. [C] The vibrating disc is extremely effective. Place it under the mattress or under the pillow. Remember, if your base is slatted it possible that you can not install the drive under the mattress because it would pass between the slats. In this case, you can lock the disc between the mattress and the wall, or between the mattress and furniture stuck in bed The vibrator is extremely effective for me. He woke up immediately. It's a bit unpleasant awakening to undergo these vibrations, but we gain by being woken up in the second. It's awfully good. After several weeks of use, I always wake up so fast; so it's not just the novelty bed pulls me

The disadvantage of this device lies in the alarm setting. It is a bit slow (press' min "," hour ") and you can only have one hour of waking.

If you need a very powerful revival and reasonably priced, you can take the Sonic Bomb without hesitation.

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January 13
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May 7
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