Very good and affordable set

Very good and affordable set

Dennerle 5906 NanoCube Complete + 30 liters (Misc.)

Customer Review

First, a preface to the other review:
I do not hold the set for over-priced. for 99 Euro (Amazon) gets really a lot of good quality. The recommended price is a bit higher with 124,95 Euro.

Content / versions:
There are the "normal" set and the Plus Set. I would always opt for the Plus Set because there is gravel, sand, thermometer, etc. there. And so it has almost everything together.

There are: Basin, corner filter, pelvic support, Care (fertilizer, water conditioner and vitamins), ground (plant food), a cover and a lamp.

What is missing ?:
Certainly you need more plants and animals (more on under stocking). For this purpose, reckon on again 100-150 euro.
Also highly recommended is a test set for überprüfgen the water values. Since it is advisable to equal Tröpfentests enter and to leave his (inaccurate) the test strip. Since I recommend as the set of sera (very reasonably priced) or much better, expensive but in the end but the inexpensive "Testlab water test" of JBL.
Then needs mnan still tools: safety net, Pincete (set for plants / put), scissors (cutting), etc. In addition, even "upgrade" or "tune" or short in German a few Verbeserungen do that later. In addition, you still need food which does not hit so high to book.
Possibly you also need an aquarium cabinet so the well can again beat with 100 euros to book.

What could we hold in such a small pool? Shrimps, crabs or fish. The shrimp almost all at least every dwarf shrimp. One should advance but well informed about the animals eg under or books (more later). Fish are a few small ways possible such as killifish, this one should also hereby inform beforehand. Genererell should its water values ​​observed (from the waterworks!) And then purchase the stocking. Although major changes in water levels are possible but very complicated.

Upgrades / improvements:
I myself have two Verbeserungen made to the set.
A "floor heating" ie small heating wires that ensure better soil flooding.
In addition, I still bought a second light from Dennerle, so is the pool much brighter! Plants and viewers rejoice! Who wants to spend even more money can buy a good external filter and a CO2 system. But that is already a luxury.

Books / info:
Before purchasing, I would recommend reading a book about Nano Basin and possibly prawns. About prawns you can also in the network of well informed (eg As a book I recommend - before buying! - "Nano freshwater aquariums" by Barbara Klingbeil.

One should not look at the cost of sets. May then well and liked calling 300-400 euros for a completely finished pool. Better you estimated a little more and would be later when it was cheaper ...

The actual maintenance effort is quite low. I would say the following:
- Daily feed (shrimp even less !!!)
, daily: look that everything is in order
- Weekly: water changes
- Weekly: test water values
Clean the filter: monthly -
Aspirate sludge: monthly -
But for a lot of fun in the pool, it consumes some time with informing and sharing with others. But that makes you so happy :-)

If one has it all out thoroughly, you will have lots of fun with the pool ...

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