Very good and convenient security solution

Very good and convenient security solution

F-Secure Internet Security 2015 SAFE including 2 years / 3 devices (license)

Customer Review

In the version provided herein is obtained in the end 2 access code and a brief tutorial. That's all packaged very nice, the procedure was clear to me, and all at an attractive price, which I think is fair.


But now times from the beginning to. It comes with a registration code for 1 years and 3 units for F-Secure Safe, which you have to enter easily on the website to get access to the software. Signing up is easy, it takes its name, email address and the country in which one lives and the registration code and password for access to the personal side.
Now choose to install on the personal page, select the operating system that you can use just, the unit will begin a name and the download. If you run the downloaded file, F-Secure leads through a first test of important system files and then starts the installation. All together took me no longer than 10 minutes if you that I also had to remove it with calculated my old security software.
Even on my phone I have the F-Secure Safe installed and here it was really just starting. I have a OnePlus One on the runs a version of Android and the real difficulty was that the personal page was not adapted to mobile phones and a couple of huge gaps have emerged. Otherwise everything was as easy and I had no trouble.

+ Quick and easy installation on Windows and Android


If I still want to use additional devices - I have a version for 3 devices - then everything is the same again and again and makes no problems. Interestingly is then already the situation, when I no longer want to use a device, for example, because I bought a new laptop or a new phone and want to replace it with another. Here F-Secure provides the ability to delete the old device to the personal page and then simply start again a new installation on the next device. This is a not so common practice and but simplifies the process greatly.

+ Easy management of multiple devices
+ Unlimited reinstallation, as part of the number of units purchased


On my Windows computer, I can about performance problems after installation do not complain, you do not notice the work of F-Secure, and the time the computer has not been delayed. But what I have noticed is the somewhat longer computer scan compared to Eset what I had previously installed.
On my course Androidhandy me is not only important that the performance remains stable, so there is no change in the operation, but does not suffer even the battery under the Software. After installing F-Secure showed no new jerkiness or delayed downloads. Also the battery will last as long as before (I have now with 4 month tested). If I really day hardly use the phone and I also always move in a stable reception, then creates the cell phone loose two days. Under normal use, I have at the end of the day still 30 to 40%. And so it has remained, even after the installation safe.

+ No performance degradation on Windows or Android
+ No reduced battery life after installing

Browser protection

When browser protection I find 2 functions very noteworthy. The Banking recognition, which has also already working blameless in earlier versions. Once I go to a banking site, the Safe detects and shows me this also. Thus, the banking protection switches on and protects me, for example, before Pishingseiten who just want my Datenausspionieren. And secondly, the safe search, here offers F-Secure an enhanced version of Google, will in their search results appear to me that the sites are safe or not. I also allowed the browser protection to detect and block of unwanted subjects such as pornography.
On a Androidhandy then comes another benefit from safe to wear, can I install the F-Secure Safe Browser, which would have to be also paid otherwise. This browser also filters sites allows me to surf as a desktop version on the phone (now almost all standard), offers a private mode and password protection for the browser.

+ Banking Protection
+ Secure search
+ Mobile browser

Who should not buy this security solution?

Here should use Windows XP or earlier refrain, because the safe is on the Windows firewall and adds for special functions only. Since XP but is no longer updated, you can then produce no more security for his computer.

What makes this version?

It is an ENTIRE security solution that is compatible with many systems and I all can thus install the same software.

Since I am currently very happy with the safe and could not detect any problems or weaknesses, I forgive here 5 Stars *****. But I will continue to monitor the software and expand at a later date my review yet.

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