Very good and viable solution

Very good and viable solution

Logitech Harmony Touch remote control (optional)

Customer Review

Peripherals: Samsung TV, Yamaha AVR, Sky Humax HD S 4 receiver Samsung Blu Ray Player, senior Pioneer CD player and Xbox 360 console.

I had previously informed me of the device so that the start-up (ie, connecting the FB via USB to the computer, to download the Harmony software, create the corresponding account) proceeded very quickly.
All devices are detected immediately after entering the type designation. It all went very quickly and without any problems.

Setting up actions (eg: TV, listening to music, etc.) also ran without problems. It is safely guided through the steps; you should be reassured that there is always a help option. The property Prev note of the respective brands and model numbers of each device is recommended in any case. Just as the respective assignment of the inputs and outputs on the devices.
In this respect, the fundamental operational readiness was made quickly and it also has everything works. Sometimes not all devices are turned on at once (rare); which is (as far as I can tell so far) probably because of the alignment of the Harmony (infrared transmitter at the bottom) and the length of alignment when turning. This is, so to speak "in order", so that it is necessary in the event of simultaneous switching of multiple devices, the Harmony align also sufficiently long to device (upright like a cell phone). Here is a radio-based solution might be the better option. But if one has recognized it first time, it works the same way.

The interior of the favorites list of TV channels and the associated logos on the screen takes a bit longer. So you have to then just only times ransack; depending on which and how many channels you want to store as a favorite. After completion of the favorites this allocation are but first totally confused and must be arranged numerically by hand. I would have expected, since I have the numbering that beforehand specially made ...
Tip: for those who receive the TV channels externally via a receiver, the channel numbers and favorite numbers must match for both devices. If one selects favorite 1 and eg ARD is stored there, the receiver is switched to the local favorites 1. Regardless whether there is then also stored ARD or not. Thus, it is at least in our Sky receiver. But you can then yes if it is necessary to synchronize.

The Harmony works, as the name suggests, display related. This reduces the number of programmable keys is clear. The main functions are the right way has from the outset and at previous real establishment of actions with their apparatus, all the buttons are, mutatis mutandis, to operate. "Guide" calls the EPG of the Sky receiver or "menu" the menu of the receiver.
If you want the the TV menu, you have a button so prove beforehand (is browser based on the computer screen) or you change via the display for jeweilgen device. There you can occupy all possible commands itself and also order. So the most common functions (such as with us the sound settings of the AVR or the change in the DSP or surround decoder) can be pushed all the way up on the display commands.
This works great as well and when you get used to the Harmony first time, it is a pure and beautiful facilitating remote everyday ...

The device database-based setup on the Harmony and the personalization on the screen of a computer can not be beat. Since there is nothing to complain about.
The solid obstruction of batteries I think questionable for (at least in the long term). But I would not complain even with foresight. Let's see how long this participates ...

Overall, an absolutely viable and recommended solution of a universal remote control, with slight improvement. From me it clear 5 Stars. I've got what I expected and am very happy with it in everyday life.

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