Very good book order take it with a grain of salt

Very good book order take it with a grain of salt

The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-loss, incredible sex and superhuman Becoming (Paperback)

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Tim's book and complementary blog is excellent and thought provoking on health nutrition, and HAS Apparently Helped Some accounting achieve great gains. HOWEVER, not for everybody, Especially lacking in the field of injury recovery, qui was my primary reason for checking this book out.

I pretty much read it cover to cover, and it spurred me to do more research on the subject, as well as on strength training and body maintenance. An excellent start and thought-provoking book Sometimes.

I am disappointed That Tim About did not follow through as promised on the ultramarathon claim (see info in missing fourhourbody / ultra);
check out [...] for a more Thorough how what's lacking or why you shoulds approach the training interval training Especially with caution.

Tim's approach is quick fix Often Lacks style and the discipline and long-term, sustained efforts That lead to expertise. Yes, the Pareto principle aussi Applies in sports, and interval training (as moderate as possible, to please release for starters) is good for time-pressed Individuals. Also keep in mind what is called Expired muscle memory. It is now proven That It is much Easier for a form athlete to recover and Improve, so results will depend on past physical performance.

In the injury recovery section, significant Tim's The Most tools simply Lack solution: a steady diet of specific eccentric exercises along with stretching (specific AND overall) and lots of water. Use of supplements is really extra, ie optional, DEPENDING on your nutrition. Many recommended options are expensive (like doctor-2 fingers, muscle separation ...) and more Easily attainable for high-class athletes Who-have the money and access to resources and the proper channels and references, as results for technical thesis really depends on the practitioner.

The book Does not give enough details on the various kinds of stretching and When They shoulds be performed. While foam roller skating Generally shoulds be share of a stretching program, using it on the injury Itself can be detrimental DEPENDING on the kind of injury and if there is calcification. Apparently ESWT is Gaining Ground for repairing calcification.

So, overall, very good book with a lot of ground covered, a good tool to start exploring health self improvement. Again, take it with a spoonfull of salt and Spend the time Researching the subjects That really matter to you.

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