very good but little metal

very good but little metal

Acer Liquid MT phone (9.1 cm (3.6 inch) display, touch screen) [EU Version] Silver (Electronics)

Customer Review

After two weeks I got off the phone sent back because I got a surprise from my boss a HTC Desire and owning two androids would 'yes decadent. It was very sorry, the shipment by eXpansys went fast and without problems (even the withdrawal) and the Liquid Metal is just great and so superior in direct comparison to the Desire in a few ways:

+ Despite slower clocking the Acer is felt faster than the HTC; there everything went perfectly smooth, the Desire makes regularly any stupid stuttering.
+ Thanks to a slower clock speed does the battery last longer. While we must be grateful when HTC when it holds out until the evening, I had to go at Liquid sleeping more than 40%. This WLAN was on all day, never Bluetooth, display brightness was set to auto (which is tend to be quite bright). There are also 4 hours GPS, install and test 5 hours Market / Apps, half-hour phone calls, 10 SMS, an hour youtube via WLAN and 2 hours of MP3 listening. At lower utilization probably 3 keeping loose two days, by.
+ The Liquid has an equalizer (seemingly a rarity among the androids) and the sound quality through the included headphones is super. When Desire the supplied headphones are an impertinence, includes one better at the quality also very good, but can not keep up with the equalizer.
+ In the Liquid an app or even the phone itself is in the two weeks that I had it, never crashed; at HTC happens occasionally.
+ I had still felt in the purchasing decision as a disadvantage that the display is made of plastic, but now that I have a glass touch screen I see the great advantage: As long as you do not touch it sees the glass naturally noble, but the wretched fat daubs spoil a soon the sight. The plastic screen from Acer dirty much more slowly.
+ The magnetic field sensor in the liquid is very accurate, all compass apps always point in the right direction. When Desire wars with partly not that I have the phone now flipped.
+ This thing really has multitouch. Even four fingers (more war I do not out) can detect it perfectly and is very sensitive. When Desire always gets problems when something (eg a map) will turn, because that is usually recognized only as zooming.
+ We can all Acer software with a simple click (does that really matter how in touchscreens?) Off under Settings, and then has a pure Android.

Otherwise, things like display, voice quality and camera phones in both comparable and well-being, the Desire also warned that loud. What bothered me a bit is that the Liquid Metal is a small distance between touch screen and display. So you does not press directly on the screen but already touched the disc if one is still about 2 mm away. Mir is often happens that when I looked from the side a bit, I do not always meet the right letter. That is not to compensate for sure really bad and with a bissl exercise; my marksmanship is a bit better at HTC, Samsung and even iPhone.

"Metal" is the way only the battery cover, anything incl. Buttons and frames are made of plastic. Precious does it look anyway.

Note: Overhead is that the product description is lying. The metal has not as advertised 512MB RAM only 375MB - that have at least maintains all Sysinfoapps. On the other hand I did not feel I would need more memory, since, as stated everything always ran smoothly and also many apps without problems could be gestarten quickly.

I personally like the Liquidmetal significantly better than the hot vowed Desire, precisely because of battery power, performance and the sound of the MP3 player and I can recommend it to anyone buying the Acer. Btw. it is a chique (but not great) cell phone pocket and the box is very worn :-)

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