Very good but not perfect 2 1

Very good but not perfect 2 1

Darksiders (uncut) (Video Game)

Customer Review

First of all, I think this game really great! It is definitely the surprise hit of the still young year and I would recommend it to anyone who can even start just a little with action games and this setting.

The game is really fun and makes a lot of things right. The graphics are, apart from a few unnaturally sharp edges, very nice and atmospheric. Meanwhile the Tearingprobleme on the Xbox with a patch were almost completely eliminated. The mission are quite varied and you rarely makes things more than once. Improving their own skills, whether physical skills such as health container or weapon upgrades, work very well and are also implemented very motivating, because you really notice a difference from before when upgrading.

Personally, I have probably a slightly different feeling than most here in terms of the difficulty level. I find the game to be very difficult from the difficulty "normal". I have re-started relatively quickly on "Easy" because I was frustrated rather quickly. I am officially a "casual gamers" and I play video games for fun and not as a personal challenge. ;-) On the easiest difficulty level, the game was very good but then schaffbar for me and was not even frustrating boring !!! Thus target met!
On the other hand I have to say that I have viewed the mystery as no particular challenge. At least not in terms of complexity. Somehow I had to be constantly guided the Gwfühl to solve. Maybe I was just lucky but I never lost my way and never pressed a wrong button, everything went ahead very straight forward. I had practically never really looking for something, because the goals were all very obvious.
Comparing with Zelda I find therefore not 100% fit when it comes to the Schwiewrigkeit the puzzle. Content light there are of course some parallels. I have to still say that I do not know the latest Zelda title. My last Zelda played on the SNES and my memory is therefore perhaps clouded. ;-)

Why I give the title now "only" 4 stars. Well, that has nothing to do with the things mentioned above first. The game is in spite of these small things are still very good !! But have me playing disturbed during a few technical things, which have the game in the long run but a bit troubled.

The jump mechanism can be quite annoying. Man jumping, as you know just by pressing a button. When you're in the air, you can do a double jump, and if you hold the jump button pressed then, spreads war wings and glides to the ground. This way you can bridge long distances. All well and good, but it's a few times too often happens to me that I have pressed on an edge a little too late key and war is just like plump down. In such a moment is no longer a possible slide. Unfortunately, you have pretty nearly jumping off the edge to determine to reach areas in some places. This can be very hakelig.

Positive in Darksiders is the fact that there are virtually no load times are during the game! Before Tearingpatch it took a long time until the upgrade menu erschiien but that was probably removed. What made me very annoyed, however, was the fact that in-game cutscenes could not be skipped. This leads to the loading time for a death to the fact that you have to wait some 2 minutes until you can try again. At the latest after the third time that's really annoying. This was also the main reason why I have then switched to light. The chance to beat a boss opponents on the first try is increasing enormously. ;-)

These are probably all very subjective reasons for a devaluation to a star. However, my first 4 straits with Darksiders are marked by frustration and repetition. After a restart on "Easy" the experience is positive almost 100%. So if you own a "casual" does not start at Normal to save yourself frustration perhaps.

In conclusion, I can only say, if you have his difficulty found, Darksiders is very very good in any case! And in my eyes almost a must buy.

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