Very good but with some flaws

Very good but with some flaws

Silent Hill 0rigins (video game)

Customer Review

Sometimes you have to increase the feeling that the games industry customers by the nose around the paragraph. Because a game is announced exclusively for a specific console, so that you as crazy, die-hard fan also buys this console and persuades afterwards, they would have want to buy later anyway ... A little later, the game will appear as implementation of other consoles, with the excuse that they had only reacts to the many customer requests. As if you did not know that already! So it is in fact also with Silent Hill: Origins, this should be a PSP-exclusive title originally. So PSP owners have so but not an exclusive game. Beautifully ver *** CHT!

Apart from that the game is quite well done. The implementation for the Playstation 2 made me initially worried because you had somehow come from the small PSP screen on the TV. And what is sometimes meant for graphics so well known ... but thankfully it was much better than expected. Although one may not expect that here the level of Silent Hill is achieved 3 or 4, but it's far better than expected. The faces are partially somewhat edgy and textures sometimes grainy, but that is not so bad when you consider the original console.

Regarding the criticism of the control, I must unfortunately the majority Connect: while the walking and the partially botched camera angle even can compensate the good thing, the combat system is the naked horror. Beatings with fists or a gun are somewhat delayed, which requires precise timing. In addition it is likely that often the quick-time-events where you have to press one or more buttons quickly turns to shake off as an enemy. And the thing with the "charge" or "focus" of a strike is to nail-biter, because there is no indication such as in Silent Hill 4. If you think that the combat system of Silent Hill was 4 scuffle for hair, then play You nevertheless times Silent Hill: Origins ...

I cherish the presumption that the people of Konami have certain morbid thoughts. Unlike the environment can not be explained both visually and in content. The course is again dark and creepy, as you know it from the series. In addition, many decorative elements give it to rest. That's the way it has to be!

The Counter-Earth sign is on the whole well done. Although one often encounters known opponents like the Bubble Head Nurse or Straight-Jacket, but some are new. For example, a - how do you call it - floating corset throwing a human shadow on the wall, or something that looks like a terrible deformieres pig ... difficult to describe, but very scary!

The degree of difficulty of opponents, however, partly unfair. The demonic nurses are still relatively easy to defeat with his fists. However, when opponents turn up the perceived three hundred (I exaggerate wildly) put away before you go to the ground, also show up this to make matters worse, three of us, and all the aforementioned combat system is topped shot from the gun, you can the body bag as well equal to draw itself.

The puzzles are typical Silent Hill disgusting. Without wanting to spoil, I think, for example, an iron lung and various plastic organs that are integrated into two in mystery, even for incredibly perverse ... Their difficulty is very limited. Although some clouts are, but on the whole, one can not complain about over- or under-exposure.

One would, however, something should come up with another, as again between which changes the thing with the parallel worlds (a reale- and a horror world), the main character back and forth. But more can be divided.

My conclusion: Silent Hill: Origins is an incredibly atmospheric game that large raises goose bumps, and the players chasing some shivers down your spine. Unfortunately, it has to struggle with some flaws that relate almost exclusively to the spongy control and tough opponent. Who is willing to get used to, which can access safely. A bad buy the game, anyway.

Super fan for the price Rank: 5/5
January 20
Conforms and aesthetic Rank: 5/5
September 30
The real is the best! Rank: 5/5
May 21
TRSE well overall Rank: 4/5
December 12

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