Very good console, but ...

Very good console, but ...

Nintendo Wii U 8GB White + Wii Party U (Console)

Customer Review

Very big fan of big N, I bought the Wii U ay it about 2 weeks. I took this pack Auchan because there was a pricing error (189 instead of 269).

- I'm very happy, it's a good console, the gamepad is nice but I did not have any games that REALLY has're used by both in the box. In a very good build quality (Big N, what), beautiful but unfortunately painted on top, so hello small scratches and fingerprints. The display of very good quality and legible, although it is not HD, is the most important. This is where we realize that talking about HD display is totally marketing because the screen has a fairly low resolution (960x480 I think), and despite its size, the picture is very beautiful. I think Nintendo apply a polishing filter on the GamePad of polygons we see less.

- Very good games on it (Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros., Bayonetta 1 & 2, Mario Kart 8, Mario) and very good games coming! (Zelda Wii U, X, ...)

- Fast, short loading times. The ergonomics is excellent in every way. We find what we want very easily, compared to the competition (at the interface of the backup One ... and the vacuum of PS4 interface). Must love, but it's Nintendo. Simple and effective.

- A console that offers something other than football and boom boom, with new gameplay and new ways to play several.

However, the console has some very bothersome flaws:

- The first one: connectivity. Ok, we have 4 USB ports, what to do but WHY have limited the flow of current in the ports? In the end, we are left with USB ports that can self-feed an external hard drive, unless it is connected in Y (on two ports simultaneously). USB cables are hardly sold nowadays, so the galley. Making a real mistake. While some wondered why the GameCube controller adapter needed 2 USB ports, now you know why.

- Second, 8GB of memory, it's really too tight. It has 3GB free, so 4 sets of updates, and 3 demos, it's over there's more room. I put a 32GB SSD in external USB (I recommend, SSDs consume less power than hard drives, so no need for a Y-cable) and it works very well. It remains to see the day when I will buy game add-ons, I probably would take a 64GB SSD. Remember just that on this model, without external / SSD hard drive, you can not download dematerialized games because you do not have instead.

- External hard drives / SSDs are formed in a special partition, unreadable computer. So we lose a full stokage support. Great for me, who was planning to use my hard drive Wii over ...

- Can not copy backups to a USB key to bring them with friends. Also impossible to separate the backup folder of a game, and its update. It is therefore necessary to have both either on the console or on external media. So the day your hard drive makes the soul, you can say goodbye to your backup if it was not previously copied to the console.

- Still no Gamepad for sale, it 2years fact that the Wii U is still out. Display of non Gamepad HD. Not enough battery power, I have to charge it every 3 hours while the screen is set at minimum lighting and energy saving. Too many different levers too, you get lost ... Even I am player.

In conclusion, the Wii U is for me now, the only next-generation console. I advise to families who want to renew their consoles for their children, he has enough to do. People who ayment Nintendo games also find their account. The console is packed more and more incredible hits (2 games released in October and November are close to 95% on Metacritique, ensencés by players and the press).

It is not perfect, but it's really worth.

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