Very good keyboard Case with slight weaknesses, high weight and price!  Key combos that you are used to from the PC to function,

Very good keyboard Case with slight weaknesses, high weight and price! Key combos that you are used to from the PC to function,

Logitech Keyboard Folio Type S Tablet Case with Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 S Black (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

I even if they are still as good, regular despair of screen keyboards, because you can just never blind to them and in a ten-finger typing system tap, I was glad to find this Bluetooth keyboard, the same time the Tab sleeve and Stand Help is.

The installation of the tablets in the sheath is simple and self-explanatory. Controls, camera, microphones and sensors are fortunately not blocked. On the side of the keyboard there is a small switch that lets you turn on and can switch off. Once it has been connected via Bluetooth, you can easily disable and reenable it at this counter, depending on whether they are needed. They can not use, for example, when the tablet is in the surfing position, thereby hiding the keyboard. It also appears no onscreen keyboard so that you could actually touch anything. Once you have turned off the hardware keyboard, but the screen keyboard reappears.

Before you can write on the keyboard reasonable German, one must still change the language of American in German. There are no indications in the manual on how this is done. You can tell only that the umlaut keys give strange characters and the characters that you write, be different than those that appear on the screen. To set the language correctly, you have to go in the settings menu under "General" in "Language & input", press the function "Type S" and then "Set keyboard type" select. Then you can choose "German", and everything is as it should be.

There are, as already indicated, four different positions in which the keyboard and tablet can relate to each other. In the surf position the tab is open on the keyboard. In this position you can hold your tablet in your hand to check, for example, with the Kindle app a book.

In the transport position to tablet display and keyboard are over, without touching, while the related fixed fabric stable outer sides serve both devices as protection. In this position, you can place or transport the tablet sideways. If you want to convey is to advise you that you turn off the keyboard before, because in a lot of pressure from the outside a key is just some games operated and thus awakened the tablet.

In the writing position, the tray stands upright on its long edge behind the keyboard and is held in this position by means of a magnet. If you hold it in this position on your lap, typing about, you realize that the whole thing is a bit shaky, so it is not a netbook of it, but it falls at least not apart. In addition, the tablet for my taste is a bit too steep, and unfortunately there is by design no other position.

The fourth position is not provided by the manufacturer, but at the table quite practical: Because you can open the envelope that is like a book. The tablet is then on the back, and when something behind including sets, you have a not so steep position of the display.

The keyboard can be blindly write wonderful ado. All buttons are easily felt and have a pleasant pressure point and rattle excessively noisy while typing. With ten fingers it enrolls it fantastic.

Very pleasant I find that some essential keyboard shortcuts that you know from the PC, are also available on this keyboard. In addition to the key combos for copy, paste, cut and all-Mark (CTRL + A) mentioned here is especially the ALT + TAB, which allows a quick change between active Apps without having to open the Task Manager. There is also CTRL + S to save, Ctrl + W to close a browser tab, Ctrl + N to open a new, CTRL + P for print, Ctrl + F for Find, Ctrl + B set for bookmarks and safely yet so many more that I have not yet discovered. The popular PC combination of Shift + arrow keys to select text work with this keyboard.

In addition, this keyboard (Home, End, Page Up and Page Down yet ingenious function key assignments that can be partly directly (Home key, backspace key and search button) to address, in part indirectly through a combination of holding down the Fn key and other keys, App Launcher, Task Manager, context menu, lock screen, browser, mail, calendar, music player, audio controls and screenshot).

This is all very sensible and thoughtful mounted so that one almost annoyed if you occasionally have to touch the screen to make an input.

The pity is that this keyboard does not have a shortcut to activate the on-screen keyboard, to dispose of the other Logitech keyboards entirely. To activate the onscreen keyboard so you need to turn off the hardware keyboard. Or, if you are very clever and not be bothered that the onscreen keyboard covers half of the display, you can also activate this through the settings of your tablet. It is then always displayed when text entry is possible, but you can parallel tap the physical keyboard.

Other reviewers bothered by the reflective surface between the keys, because they take fingerprints on quickly and put this ugly showcased. I wonder what these people do with the display of the tablet, which is a single reflective surface?

That envelope and keyboard together about as heavy as the tablet itself, the weight thus doubled, is nevertheless worth considering. At least everything is still together just under one kilogram.

Rather significant falls in my view even the current price. Even if it is only one-fifth of the overpriced tablets at the moment, I find him extremely high, measured in mind that you actually just a shell and a Bluetooth keyboard actually get.

I can about the durability of both the batteries and the keyboard understandably say anything after so few days, but for prolific writers who are also with their tab a lot, this keyboard case combo is an ideal complement. The absence of a reasonable instruction manual, in which at least the Bluetoothpairing, the change of language in German and the most important key combinations are explained, I think is a disgrace.

Update to me also tested red envelope:

Everything is true for the red envelope has already been said here, with the following differences: The red "skin" of this shell is smoother than that of black and touches his much less quality. One has the feeling to hold a piece of gum in his hand. The inside, ie keyboard and keyboard gaps are better adapted to the color tab S - here expects almost the same shade of brown, which also includes the display of the tablet. The pressure point of the keys seems minimal soft, but that does fortunately not on excellent writing feel.
Negative, I notice on the red envelope that it acts in total less stable than the black - the back, ie the place where they will be worked out, which is a "hinge" pretty limp. In addition me the red is a bit too bright, but that's a matter of taste. I would in any case advise to the noble-looking black bag.

Am satisfied 81 Rank: 5/5
March 17
Freedom but accuracy Rank: 3/5
April 9
very effective 3 1 Rank: 5/5
April 13
PERFECT January 2985 Rank: 5/5
December 31
The most and least 2 Rank: 3/5
April 7

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