Very good performance at a very high price.

Very good performance at a very high price.

Braun Series 7 799cc-7 shavers, dry & wet shave (with 1 cleaning cartridge) (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

Hello everybody!

Premium performance at a premium price? The Braun Series 7 799cc-7 answers this question (unfortunately) with a resounding yes.

Anticipation for all reading lazy:
4 stars there for the excellent processing and the surprisingly good shave with less skin irritation

1 star deduction for the very high price * and the loveless inner packaging> brush fell around loose, razor put into it only unloving


Intzwishen was the price of the device on 199, - reduced, today is also the device as "Advent offer" for as much as 184.99 in the offer (18:12.). For all Cyber ​​Monday shoppers (like me) a bit annoying for everyone else but a real opportunity. Although the price is thus still high but one can now speak of a fair and balanced price / performance ratio!

Meanwhile, Amazon gave me the newly formed difference on the new promotional price of 14 reversed, that's what I call customer friendly, I have not even asked :-)

If you were to deal with the staff would like accommodating Amazon a real showpiece in the world market! This only marginally.

*) Because the "displeasure" over the lack of packaging remains, I change to my rating (4 stars) for the time being nothing, the lower price justifies it not, it's still a premium product!


Now for detailed version that I, as usual, would like to begin with a few words about me and my motives for buying etc..

I would describe myself as a "casual Electric Shaver" denote I (until today) with the shave and the running costs of an electric shaver never been so really good friend. Through my professional activity, it is sometimes easy to shave quickly and easily necessary, therefore have I yet done an electric razor to me a few years ago - a Philishave 8894 - was considered one of the top models.

The Philishave was me at first, although quite inspire but always had significant problems in the neck area and always left irritated and reddened skin. With increasing wear of the shaving heads it was therefore even worse was thus periodically switch the expensive heads duty and although I took him very little. Now again an exchange of minds would have become due, I decided to not put further 40 but simply to try something else.

Why the Series 7 799cc-7 ?:
Now, the Philishave shaver work has always been with the same principle, although I am convinced that the new models do much better than the earlier (like mine), I think I may have the same or similar problems with a new Philishave as until now. Other brands have certainly good models but if you look at opinions from other users so the benefits of the models are all a bit mixed, I wanted a device which provides optimal results without compromise and does the Braun Series 7, at least on paper. I must confess, the cleaning station I think is unnecessary, the wet / dry option is very handy> saves time to be able to shave just under the shower or in the tub.

First Impression:
Amazon typically the package was delivered within 2 days, but the packaging was not really perfect, the box of the razor was in a corner of the shipping carton, around padded with filler material and thus on 2 of 4 pages completely unprotected! The first time you take out of the box I already noticed a loose part in the box and I thought "Oh no - you gotta send the right back."

After opening the box I was somewhat relieved, the loose part was the cleaning brush, this is probably just loose in the pack and falls around there. The remaining parts are proof a little by a cardboard insert, however, the box was a bit worse for wear, presumably because the parts (sitting not 100% proof) could slide around during shipping. Overall, the "unboxing" no 240 experience even Hofer / Aldi discounter packed his goods pretty! There are smooth a star deduction from me because at that price you would expect more or?

The razor itself is packaged in a black, robust travel case which feels very valuable but it is visually somewhat "getting used to", I first did not know why but I found it somehow strange to look at the 2nd time I knew it, it reminds plain and Simply a coffin. Again, one might have to consider something it protects the device while very good, but the appearance does not encourage grade to use, I have cleared directly into the box where it will eke out its existence, more than for air travel I will use it when the razor in the suitcase must.

The razor itself is difficult and is, thanks to the rubberized back very good and comfortable in the hand. All controls are easily accessible and can also be while shaving with fingers reach, that later some more.

The box is a short manual in the indicates that the shaver needs to be charged before the first use only, something atypical, the battery is completely empty when delivered, I thought only the battery is already over but this is of brown so apparently provided as it is also described in the manual so. So first for about 1 hour to the power outlet and then you can start. Meanwhile, the loading and cleaning station is prepared, the system is simple, the station is unlocked by a button on the left and "jumps" on the supplied cartridge is opened by removing the cap and slid into the station below. After the station is pressed down until it clicks, finished.

The station itself shows the level of the cleaning cartridge (left), when the razor is used, the station is divided by means of LEDs (right) with whether the shaver should be cleaned and what program is recommended (3 levels). A start button to begin the cleaning as well as a button for a "quick cleaning" can be found in the middle.

Is the battery charged then be shaved, Brown promises a 50-minute shave with one battery charge (charging time is approx 60 min), compared to my Philishave a meager performance (110 minutes per charge) as well as 50 minutes you can complete some Shaves and when the thoroughness true then a shave should not take more than 2-4 minutes.

When you turn a fall immediately, Brown uses a high-frequency vibration system (Brown calls it Sonic technology, based on the speed of sound), unfortunately, is all a bit noisy, so it's no razor should the fire up in the morning next to his wife and child if this ev. still want to sleep a little, because it is then to door. The same applies to the cleaning function as these driving the razor used to clean it.

During shaving, the shaving head slides very pleasant and easy on the face and adapts beautifully all contours. The adjustment of the intensity on the two buttons left and right of the main switch with the thumb while shaving quite possible but real change, I may not notice, I had expected to hear different vibration frequencies but I could barely perceive a change although the optical Display all steps described clearly signaled - the power button lights up in different colors (blue, light blue, green).
I have tested the shaver in the intensive level because, as I said, worth considering on a fast and close shave and I was curious how my skin with the Braun shaver understood and if he can score in the problem areas of the Philishave.

Shaving went very easily by hand, even slightly longer beard hairs (3 day beard) were easily detected and relatively gently removed where my Philishave with new blades sometimes for Eplierer was (very unpleasant) you can feel just pluck at Brown a short and the beard is from before it becomes painful. The neck, my problem area, the Braun has surprisingly well mastered and although it did not consider the large shaving head. For the upper lip area, the shaving head, be a slide, fixed so that you can also nice to shave under your nose without having to tense up. The problem, however, is the chin area, I'm chin beard with Soul Patch, there arise around the beard area course some harassment for the razor, the Philishave I could by the shape of the shaving head here very good shave to the edges and had hardly / rework little , Due to the large shaving head it's not so easy to circumnavigate the beard cleanly, thus here remains little more rework. I think with a little more practice for the razor this will be even better.

Overall, the shaving result is more than satisfactory, it goes quickly, VERY thoroughly (at least with the "intensive"), while absolutely skin-friendly compared to my old razor. I had not added any redness or other irritation after shaving with the Braun 799cc-seventh The problems with the goatee I take here not in the vote because of the 799cc-7 is not a beard trimmer or styling tool for such shaves, plus there own devices.

The trimmer is located on the front panel and can, as these devices common to be folded over a slide. As usual, this trimmer is likely to be regarded as a gimmick, though can be so trim problems such as sideburns and (as in my case) a long beard, a real hair trimmer / beard trimmer does not replace this thing but, merely by virtue of little ergonomic operation and the fact that one can use any attachments etc.

Cleaning and maintenance:
After shaving, the razor is on display at the current hygiene status, mostly missing (for me) 2-3 bar which cleaning of the stage 1 or 2 is recommended from the station. Despite Station I prefer a previous manual cleaning, in addition, the entire shaving head to be removed by pressing a button and then the collected therein whiskers are removed. What stands out here, unlike home Philishave shaving head can be found in the Brown almost no longer stubble, it seems like the whiskers were pulverized here literally, but also likely to be necessary to enable the automatic cleaning.

The cleaning in the station is very easy, the shaver is plugged into the station, this indicates the recommended program and by means of the start button, the cleaning is active wobbles. When cleaning the shaver is turned on at intervals in order to clean the shaving head, after the cleaning is completed, the shaver by means of induction dried. If you're in a hurry, there is a quick cleaning (25 seconds. Own key to start) without drying, to this program of shaving head by hand must be dried with a soft cloth or to shave wet.

Manual cleaning is very simple, shaving head down, clean under running water, clean the drive part of the shaver with a brush and rinse well. Then simply let it dry and you're done.

To care Braun recommends regularly with your finger a drop of precision mechanics oil (silicone and acid free) on the shaving head, to be exact on the longhair Scheider in the center of the shaving head to apply. Thus, the blade running cleanly and friction resulting in longer life promises.

Is the Braun Series 7 799cc-7 really 240 worth? A general answer there is it not, everyone has different preferences and demands on a razor BUT in terms of technology, processing power and it is worth the money in any case. The shaving results are very good and even if you get to really multiply a point has a perfectly smooth shave, there are no or very minimal skin reactions and all without lotion, foam or other aids. People with very sensitive skin but probably have to contend with the Braun 799cc-7 with skin irritations compared to my old razor is of brown a benefit (at least with fresh shaving head).

The Rinigungsstation I find unnecessary frills, a simple charging station for storage space would have been enough to me after all the cleaning cartridges cost a little and should not hold too long because of the razor would be cleaned after each shave. From a hygienic point of view the station razor is of course useful in, press the button and everything is having to struggle tip top clean without this but honestly, keep 1 minute of hot water is also sufficient.

Apart from the somewhat poor packaging that I would have not expected in the price range and the idiosyncratic Reiseetui in "coffin shape" there really is nothing to complain about on-799cc. 7

I hope my review was helpful, if so I am pleased with a "click" on the YES under my post :-)

In this sense, a lot of fun with the Braun Series 7 799cc-7


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