Very good pillow!

Very good pillow!

Health pillow with thermo active memory foam (household goods)

Customer Review

So after I use this pillow for a few weeks, I would like to describe my experience here.
Because I also belong to those, unfortunately, for some months now, have the problems with the shoulders, the neck and the back, I looked on the Internet for a "health pillow" to.
Prices are indeed very different and very steep part.
With Amazon I saw this pillow, the pictures and the description said to me, the price is very cheap compared to other pads.
The pad was delivered quickly.
The foam is in a terry cover.
In the evening, I then put away my other two pillows and spent the first night with the "health pillow".
What can I say, the pillow is just great, it is totally comfortable and feel at home.
I mostly use the somewhat flatter side, even if I am side sleepers.
If I still watch TV in bed at night, I lay on the pillow just my two normal pillows, so is it very convenient for a longer time.
Conclusion: A very comfortable, pleasant cushion, value: Top!

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