Very good rail with excellent DTM vehicles and Control Unit but without wireless controller +

Very good rail with excellent DTM vehicles and Control Unit but without wireless controller +

Carrera 20030166 - Digital 132 DTM Challenge, model car (toy)

Customer Review

Carrera tracks have been around for decades. They used to be the dream of male youth is now entered in the age of smart phones and game consoles into the background. Nevertheless, every year end up back hundreds of tracks under the Christmas tree. Many of these end up quickly in the basement or on eBay and unfortunately that's quite logical. While the tracks earlier were all identical, there are now only of Carrera (yes, there are other manufacturers) alone 5 different types, which differ significantly in quality, size, etc. functions. Who does not look here before, buying a high probability of the wrong.

The series Digital 143 and Carrera Go you should avoid if possible, as they are technically and qualitatively inferior and attracting only low prices. Thus more than the very youngest are happy. Upgrading can be basically not.

If you chose 1:32 (scale of cars) for the reasonable size (1:24 I leave time outside, in front as they are sometimes compatible but again expensive), then there is the crucial question:

Analog (evolution) or Digital (Digital 132)?

Here, there are basically no right or wrong, but there are huge differences.

Analog is classic as we know it from the past. There are two tracks, each vehicle is traveling in its lane, the faster wins. This basically makes a lot of fun and is in principle Slotracing in pure form. It is proven, the faster wins However, the technique is simple and it will probably still work so well in 40 years. Disadvantage is that not more riders can participate as traces, so as a rule. 2

The Digital Bahn used basically the same rails as the evolution paths, but has some special components such as switches and pit lane. In practical terms, the system is completely different. Through the course you can while driving change lanes and so is not only a real racing feeling when overtaking on, you can also also with significantly more drivers simultaneously drive (up to 6 Digital 132). This increases with beginners and casual drivers the duration motivation. There is also the possibility to use ghost cars. Here the vehicle is programmed to a fixed speed and then moves autonomously. For fun, a race alone when ride 1-2 ghost cars. Supplementing the train then a pit lane (Pitstop), then can be fueled and the race will be even more realistic and varied. You can also upgrade to a digital 132-track an evolution train. However, this is more expensive in the end and the cars have to be rebuilt, what a certain manual dexterity required.

Priced, the two systems differ considerably. An evolution path you get for 120-150. With a lap counter for 50 one lies with the subway less than 200 and has everything necessary. Clearly one needs then possibly additional tracks, but they are the same for both system. A digital path is the basic package between 250 and 350 and with Position Tower for the lap counting pits plus one is then at 350-450, as the double. If one wants to exploit the advantage of the many drivers who come for each additional driver (car + controller) again 70-80 on it, so it's a decent investment, even without distance extension.

For me personally, I would still repeatedly reach for digital web, in particular since the lane change and refueling sometimes drivers are for a significantly higher long-term motivation. In addition, is a case that can be compensated on the adjustment of the speed and brake in each vehicle individually handicaps. For example, a very good driver struggling with slower car with a beginner until the end for the victory. Especially with younger players that is important. First, the learning curve is highly dependent on the age, on the other hand, your child will surely find fast any more friends who go voluntarily to him, if he wins every race with 15 laps.

If the issue between digital and analog be clarified, so you have to do is decide on one of the many basic packages. The Digital 132 tracks there is the price range of 180 - 350. The length of the route, the railways hardly differ and that is absolutely not a purchase criterion, because you sooner or later anyway need additional parts and interesaanten curve radii are NEVER in the basic packages. Here are only curve 1 (K1) and standard line included.

More important is the equipment:
1. Control Unit or black box?
In theory, at the same, but practically you should the Control Unit (the successor of the black box) always prefer. The reasons are simple. Much of the new accessories (lap counter, Tower, pit lane) do not work to the full extent with the black box, that is, the functionality is restricted. In addition, are installed on the Control Unit LEDs. This is not only important for the start of the race, but mainly for programming the vehicles. Anyone who has even a Formula 1 car has been trying to program on a Blackbox, know what I'm talking about. Especially children will receive when programming with a Blackbox many problems. Another advantage of the Control Unit is that you simply can make a Verbdingung for PC here. So whoever wants to use a later time racing software can not avoid the Control Unit.

2.) The regulator:
There is wired and wireless controllers. The wired are naturally cheaper and identical in functionality, but at 4 drivers in an established on the ground track, you will soon curse the cable when the child while trying the car quickly to reinstate falls for the third time on the cable and on the Bahn is. When purchasing another controller, the price difference between the two variants is also relatively low (when comparing prices). In the case of wireless systems, there are also two versions. The wireless system is based on infrared technology and can be recognized by the receiving storms in the form of a motor oil bottle. The Wireless + system is based on wireless technology and should be preferred, since it clearly are fewer connection problems and the range is greater. The old wireless system but is no longer available, so you must be careful only when hand Sale.

3.) The vehicles: The rule is: Each vehicle class drives differently, so it makes no sense Formula 1 car with DTM cars to run simultaneously. So you should think in advance what vehicles you want to have (Formula 1, GT, DTM, classic), because otherwise you burn a lot of money in exchange. I personally would not buy under any circumstances Formula 1 car. These are the most difficult to master in driving behavior and especially have no light. This is not only the young angry (light is an absolute highlight), special lights are also used for many status indicators (tank on reserve, coding, false start, etc.), so this information is not available at the Formula 1 cars. Not nice! Therefore, I can not advise on the best digital tracks, as these are the two NoGo's combine: Blackbox and Formula 1 cars.

So much for theory, now to the actual product:
This track combines many advantages of the digital range: Control Unit plus 2 very nice DTM cars. The DTM cars are having to do best and this also really fast. There is a total of 9 DTM cars are all about the same speed (variation within a series). This will be realized significantly more severe in other classes.
Including the costs together, so a slightly more expensive set always pays off, as a rule, if there the cars are there that you want to have.

Disadvantage is the lack of wireless controller + for me. I do not want to miss this. The batteries last forever and I've never had connection problems. Even 2 rooms further I can control the car yet. Since the DTM Rivals Set (30165) is only slightly more expensive, I would always resort to this, unless you want to just these 2 DTM cars have (Rivals has an Audi and a Mercedes, here is a Mercedes and a BMW).

Generally one should Carrera 132 tracks but say a few words:
- It takes place! The basic need packages usually already 2x3m and for an interesting circuit one is fast with more space
- Those who want to take it more serious, long-term comes to margins not around because the cars fly when drifting else off the track. Here comes together very quickly a decent chunk of money.
- In all basic items just K1 curves in it that are the smallest radii. Who wants to have an interesting and varied route takes in the medium K2 and K3 curves.

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