Very good RPG 1

Very good RPG 1

Risen (DVD-ROM)

Customer Review

I admit I was very surprised the care taken at all levels of the game, the gameplay is intuitive and comfortable, it is a kind of gothic 3 improved, be warned against by the fighting are muscular (really hard, not non-violent but we must be more lively, and, curiously, strategist!), the graphics are well optimized with renderings sometimes bluffing colors (I invite the players to line their eyes wandering at dawn) the dialogues are relevant even funny (unlike Oblivion !!!), against the scenario is fairly predictable, it will go hunting with side quests for good feast. Level term life is not bad, but barely a tenth or even Oblivion Fallout 3: The card is rather small, you can cross its diameter in just 10 minutes of play, and when finished the main quest can no longer continue the adventure ...
However, Risen does not really based on the size of the island, but mostly on its density. To convince you, there is a downloadable demo of Risen, and I find it revealing: if we did what we had to request the demo is finished in 15 min; while if we explore every corner (which is always useful: we can find healing plants, treasures, corny = experience points ...), the demo you easily take 2 hours ...

There has roughly 3 factions that can join (if you want to become a mage, a warrior, or a hybrid you choose a different faction), I loved none of it is all white or all black (as, for example, in Oblivion we won that one is the savior of the world ...) rebels bravely fighting for freedom of the people is more akin to a sort of villainous Mafia, the noble Inquisition protecting the island makes its recruits fanatics blindly submissive to the orders of the Inquisitor and crushing people under taxes and restrictive laws, etc ..

After my first two characters, I keep a very good impression of this game, certainly a little frustrated with the length greater than might have been desired and the lack of add-on, but it is legitimately I allow myself to recommend it highly.

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