Very good shaver 1

Very good shaver 1

Braun Series 5 shaver 5090cc (with cleaning station) (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

I got the Braun Series 5 5090cc as a test position.
After unpacking, I was very pleasantly surprised with the travel bag. However, I have found no protective cap for the shearing blade. This I find important since I have just lying around at home and grab the razor so not every time in the travel case or the cleaning station.
After being fully charged (very poisitiv I find the charge indicator with five strokes) I then even tried it on my three days beard. For me the best result. Despite a long beard it was great, and was very clean. With the razors with multiple oscillating heads I never got clear.
The idea with the cleaning station I find very hygienic, because I so the razor get really clean. But also the possibility under running water to clean like.
Visually, I find the razor stylish. (Although not my main focus with a razor is)



+ Very good shaving
+ Hygiene by cleaning cartridge
+ Washable under running water
+ Travel Case
+ Charge indicator
+ Looks good

- Do not come cheap
- Running costs through the purification cartridge
- Lack of cover for the shaving head

My Conclusion:
Those who have a little money left over and it is ready to spend for a razor found in the Braun Series 5 5090cc a really good thoughtful razor which also scores points in the point hygiene with the cleaning cartridge. All in all a good 4 stars

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