Very good shaving performance, attractive price.  Compared with Braun Series 7 795 CC3 and Panasonic LF51-S803

Very good shaving performance, attractive price. Compared with Braun Series 7 795 CC3 and Panasonic LF51-S803

Panasonic ES-LT71 Rechargeable Shaver (dry / wet, with 3-stage cutting head) (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

After my Braun Series 7 795 cc3 itself after two paint delamination (with respective repair by Customer) adopted with engine problems, I remembered the good performances of the Panasonic ES8249 that I had before. I tried the top model ESLV95. Very well made, very good cleaning station. Unfortunately, the irritation did not go away even after several applications, Maybe my sensitive skin did not come with the 5x shaving head, which is quite large, clear.

I tested the Panasonic LT71 daraufin parallel with cleaning station and triple shaving head and the Panansonic LF51-S803 with fourfold shaving head without cleaning station. I describe both compared with the discarded Series 7 795 CC3 with cleaning station.

The LT71 is a very compact, very lightweight device.
The LF51 is compact, slightly larger than the LT 71 and surprisingly light.
Both devices are equipped with Panasonic's exquisite linear motor and swing with 13,000 (LT71) or 14,000 (LF51) Vibrations. They are quieter than the Braun Series 7, but some high-frequency.
Against both the Braun Series 7 is a fairly bulky and loud chunks.
All three devices are very well made, the feel is excellent, rubber, among other things on the side prevents slipping on wet equipment.

The Braun Series 7 is Made in Germany (cleaning station Made in China), the LF 51 Made in Japan, the LT 71 and its cleaning station Made in China. However, I have noticed between LF51 and LT71 no differences in quality, which speaks for a very good quality management of Panasonic.

During the LF51 must be cleaned only with water and oils at times, does the job for the other two devices the station. With two performances I was happy. The principle is different: Brown used a ready-made alcoholic solution (which has attacked in the course of time with my unit twice the paint), Panasonic a cartridge with solid detergent that is achieved with (the additional tank to supplementary water). Cleaning and drying work fine, but they last much longer when Panansonic. When Brauns they are, to my mind, however loud. At Panasonic, it empiehlt (as already described in various reviews) probably, rinse the razor before - in my ES8249, who had the same cleaning station, this clogged quickly.

The Braun Series 7 has three of Rasurmodi sensitive to strong, also at the bottom of an unlit display which are over charging and health status information. Panasonic LT71 and LF51 show on the display in steps of 20, only the battery charge at (LT71 in green and red LF 51 in blue and red). In this case, the display of the LT71 is somewhat smaller. Personally, I find the display of the LF51 convenient read and chic desigend, but that's a matter of taste.

Braun and Panasonic LT71 feature a triple, the LF51 via a fourfold shaving head. Lockable they are all, you can shave with fixed head. Important difference: While installed the Series 7 knives and shear blades in a head (and therefore must always be completely changed), are separated at the Panaonics: knife and scissor blade can be changed separately.

All three devices feature a pop-up trimmer. I can 71 and LF51 in this regard recognize no differences between Panssonic LT. Subjectively, I get along better with the Panasonic trimmer because it is easier to handle due to the slimmer design of the device as the the Braun Series 7. But that may be a matter of taste.

Now to the essence: The shaving performance!
Panasonic LT71 and Braun Series 7 deliver a similar result for my shave For Holding. Overall, it is quite clean, the shaving of the Panasonic seems to me skin friendly. This is likely to be at the unique and 45 degrees touches the blade. They are also nano polished. As I assured the Panasonic Customer Service on demand, it just means that they are particularly accurate, precisely at the nanoscale, were ground, but there was no similar coating made.
Also seems to me shaving with the LT71 to run slightly faster than the Series 7. The triple head can be both good at Geischt act. The skin sparing in problem areas neck and chin seems better at Panasonic.

Panasonic LT71 and LF51 dominate the wet & dry discipline (shave dry or wet). All I can say nothing, because that's not my case and I have not tried. The Series 7, 795-CC3 does not control them. This has nothing to say, as the following model of Brown (799) also wet & dry can.

Conclusion for Panasonic LT71:
By and by a more than recommendable device with very good feel, very good workmanship, compact design and skin-friendly shave with 13,000 vibrations. Also well suited for the lazy: Clean, dry and lubricate takes over the station. In addition, since the result of shaving is from my personal point of view on a par with the Series 7, the Panasonic LT71 is definitely the better offer: one pays wages but just 99 Euros - to at least 200, sometimes even 250 Euros for the Series 7. And there are currently a money back guarantee at Panasonic, what more could you want.

HOWEVER: There is still the LF-51-S803!
After intensive endurance test I have decided for the LF51. Why?

Two main arguments:
a. The LF51 has in relation to the LT71 advantage of quadruple shaving head. I would not have thought it possible, but shaving the quadruple shaving head is thoroughly at least for me, it goes faster and is extremely gentle on the skin. I had no problems! And the result is really a skin like a "baby's bottom." In contrast, I was too much of fivefold shaving head of the top model LV81.
b. The LF51 has 14,000 vibrations. At first I thought 1,000 vibrations compared to the LT 71 (13,000 vibrations) what `s! But yes, it is a difference! Faster, senisbler, thorough.

The Panasonic LT71 is a very empehlenswertes device. I personally would give it due comparable shaving results, the significantly improvers price / performance ratio and better cleaning station (without alcohol - even without danger of peeling paint) give towards the Series 7 preferred.

But even better for my extremely sensitive skin is the LF51, I can wholeheartedly recommend. The "Wow" -Effelt remains as certainly not out. And no, I'm not working for Panasonic, I'm just a total of satisfied users of LF51 - more about it on its product page, where I have also written a review

Elegant and perfect Rank: 5/5
January 17
bar and weights Rank: 1/5
May 25
beautiful 1698 Rank: 5/5
December 11

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