Very good transport box for small and large hamster species

Very good transport box for small and large hamster species

Trixie 5904 Traveller Pico transport box, 30 × 21 × 23 cm (Misc.)

Customer Review

Hello There,

We have two of these boxes, they come in both a dwarf, as well as a golden hamsters used.
The workmanship is very good, there are no sharp edges or similar The plastic is pretty thick and sturdy. The box has a secure footing and also handles allow safe transport without wobbling (as in boxing with only one handle like to do).

The box itself is very spacious, so plenty of nesting material and hiding places can fit without restrict the animal.
The overall height is very angehem because the animals are shielded from drafts, both good, as can also be relatively high interspersed.
Above all, the amount of ventilation slots is practical, so the animals are not quite as easy to do gymnastics on them.
The transparent cover is in place and closes the transport box reliably. The closure is a little stiff (especially when compared to the "Twister" model of Konurrenz), but not compared to other brands (Europet) that me already some nails (and nerves!) Have tasted.

The only thing I have to complain about are "Pink" the plastic inside the lower third of Boxwanne which are probably due to production. I fear that very nagewütige small animals could find their pleasure in it;) Our noses they do not observe fortunately, I wanted to but have mentioned.

All in all, the price-performance ratio was super and I can the traveler Pico good conscience. We have our Lieblingstransportbox found)

Best Regards

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