Very high quality camera makes a lot of fun and perfect photos supplies

Very high quality camera makes a lot of fun and perfect photos supplies

Fujifilm X-E2 system camera (16 megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD, Full HD, HDMI) incl. XF18-55mm Kit (Electronics)

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Fujifilm X-E2 system camera (16 megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD, Full HD, HDMI) incl. XF18-55mm Kit black

Camera Accessories
The camera lens and the sun visor is well packaged with the accessory charger the battery, shoulder strap and a manual in several languages ​​delivered.

I long for a time then photographed with normal SLR cameras with the NEX system from Sony, then I looked at the compact DSC RX bought 100i Sony and for 3 months in addition to Fuji XE 2. all the positive reviews here on Amazon and the reviews in test magazines and of course live experience at the dealer, I was convinced that the camera is just right for me. I was not disappointed.

The X-E2 is very solidly built with its classical very valent held in black body of magnesium in retro finish with two beautiful knurled setting wheels for the shutter speed and aperture on the top, she has everything required by the savvy photographer and has your Bedienknöpfe- wheels exactly where they should be. At a program selector, as with many system cameras has been omitted. The Fuji is aware no fast clippers, thus you also automatically engaged much more with the matter photographing.
The electric high-resolution optical viewfinder with 2.36 MP and the 3-inch LCD with 1 MP offers in all shooting situations a very good combination for the ideal photo capture. With the WiFi function optional for Android Phone or PC, everything can be transferred comfortably and quickly, a Geottagging function is also available. The Fuji brings along with the Fujinon XF 18-55mm F2,8-4 R LM OIS lens 650g on the scales.

The feel with one hand is more satisfying for me, during gripping one comes very often with the thumb on one of the upper right control buttons, also the grip is even hinted also is the production for me is not satisfactory. I have therefore the Thumbs Up Grip aluminum in black worried me, this is simply pushed into the hotshoe recording, there certainly snapped this one.
Herewith the feel with this camera is excellent. In addition, I have attached a release button on the threaded mount on the trip, this is Neewer release button. It is simply screwed with some detachable screw locking in the thread of the shutter, so is the production much more emotional and direct.

The sensor is an X-Trans CMOS 23.6 x 15.6 mm II chip APS-C format, this solves 16 megapixels or 4,896 x 3,264 pixels and provides sensor sensitivity between ISO 200 and ISO 6400. The continuous shooting mode is 7.1 fps. The exposure time is working with 30 seconds to 1/4000 seconds. A small well-usable flash is installed on the hot shoe can also flashes from other manufacturers drive comfortably.
Fuji dispensed with in the X-E2 on a resolution-reducing low-pass filter. The AF works very accurately by means of a hybrid auto focus, which combines very well take advantage of the contrast measurement with which the phase comparison method.

The basic camera settings such as time date, etc. are done in a few seconds. Operating the camera is easy and relatively simple by hand. With a good basic photographic knowledge to get the camera quickly and easily to the goal very good images.

Mechanical Elements
Anyone who understands the basic relationships between aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation, is happy with the mechanical controls on the spot, this, together with the high-quality Fuji lenses a very good combination for excellent pictures in most situations.

Pushbutton Switches
The camera has various keys are the function depending on the shooting or playback occupied twice. There are 4 FN keys which can be freely documents, three on the back and a top right of the trigger.

On the back left four buttons located above the "Play" button for playing back images and videos, including "Drive" button. There modes frame-burst-slow and fast-Auto Exposure Series ISO BKT film simulation series dynamic range series-Motion Panoramic Multiple Exposure-Advanced Filter.
These are: Toy Camera, Miniature, Pop Color, High and Low Key, Dynamic, Soft Focus, and the partial color red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple and the bottom of the Movie mode is.

Among the key for the "AE measurement" or assignable FN button the fourth button is the "Delete key" during playback or even freely assignable as FN button in shooting mode. In the top center of the viewfinder is the "flash button" hereby the flash is mechanically unfolded, addition is the "Q Menu" button and a "thumbwheel" This has very practical with a pressure 18 important parameters for inclusion as ISO noise reduction -Weißabgleich-dynamic range image size Flash mode Image size-Self-AF mode EVF / LCD brightness, etc. at your disposal, there are also seven memory locations to store your own settings such as portrait, black and white a movie simulation or other settings available. All these functions are then simply selected with the combination of knurled wheel and directional pad.

In addition, are the top-right the AF-L and AE-L button to save the focus and exposure. Among them is the directional pad. With 5 buttons above the Macro button down the AF button or assignable FN key left and right button and the menu button in the middle Okay.
Among them is the side the screen Back button to return from all functions and menus. On the top there is a handy gerändeltest Zeitvorwahlrad and Belichtungsrad about the on / off button and above the trigger with wire control, the wheels of the time delay and exposure go taut, accidentally adjust it can hardly be. In addition, the Wi-Fi button also freely assignable as FN key. On the front there is the right switch for Single (Single AF), C (Continuous AF) M (Manual Focusing) in the middle of the bayonet for receiving the lens next to the lock button.
There is a good snap flap, including there is a Mircro USB port, mini HDMI port and a connector for a microphone / remote control on the left side. At the bottom of a tripod connection is this is not centered. The camera left and right respectively a metal eyelet for attaching a camera strap or a loop. The diameter is 4 mm

ELV / Display
On the ELV and LCD on the back can be all Photo Show Inspector in four presets, particularly here the display for exposure is managed, one has the meter on the left side always very good in view once the meter is not in position '0 'there is a small bar appears clearly visible in the' Yellow '
The focus frame turns as usual in case of successful focus 'Green' and with a negative focus 'Red' The other important information such as exposure mode and time are below links shown good color. Here you can change directly with the arrow keys, the exposure time without the upper knurled wheel to operate, right next to a small histogram including around the horizontal is a distance indicator. Bottom right, the current ISO is displayed with auto function or manually set ISO and the battery life. Top right you can see the next picture quality, the rest photo display its left the DR mode.

The menu also like it very much, what's not there anything for complicated camera menus at the various manufacturers in the NEX system it was, for example, all very complicated.
Fuji has done well, by pressing the menu button has it directly links all eight riders with submenus in view. The 5 major Photo riders are red marks 3 System tab Blue. Everything can be found and set quickly and easily.

Focussing with the XE-2 in combination with the XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS works for me in almost all situations good to very good hybrid autofocus is in the setting "High performance" quickly, even in bad Light sits the focus is almost always sure of the good optical viewfinder has one also, even in difficult lighting situations always everything very well in view. Prerequisite is here but that a certain contrast is still present.

Manual Focus
In difficult subjects to focus simply taking the Magnifier and the Focus Peaking, triggered by a twist of the manual focus ring on the lens, the peaking is activated by pressing the thumb wheel turned to the magnifier to check secure the sharpness. The manual focusing can be realized also by means of an electronic pattern block, I do not peaking but personally prefer, because it's just quicker.

Very convenient is also the adjustable in size and freely movable AF field by pressing the AF button appears AF rectangle it can be four times adjusted and reset a new print to the default then with a rotation of the thumbwheel in size. Use the directional pad can be the focal point also remained to move, which is very convenient and it works very simply.
Whether different focus aids, such peaking or electronic slice image, or zoom function, accurate and fast focusing is not a problem with the X-E2. The Peaking I've learned to appreciate during my Sony camera here the sharp parts of the image are the contrast autofocus displayed in color, which is very helpful especially in difficult shooting situations. When working in Autofocus mode in the setting S (small dial on the front of the camera), the face recognition in the shooting menu can be activated. The Fuji then tries to recognize faces in a scene, marks the success in a green box and then selects the appropriate settings to best capture the face.

I had already mentioned that the X-E2 has no exposure modes, the camera has P, A, S, and the functions can be used easily by the long-standing pattern. If you turn on the lens aperture ring and represents the Belichtungszeitrad on top of the camera to A, the X-E2 exposure time determined automatically. Assuming a shutter speed and the lens iris dial to A, the aperture is determined automatically. If both set to A, the X-E2 aperture and shutter speed automatically determined, but then here you have a program automatic, you have to stop spinning just a few more wheels. Conversely, you can set both values ​​individually and is thus in mode "M". This all works with a certain settling intuitive and very fast.

The X-E2 is ready for use in no time by pressing the small button on the trigger button. We continue then with the continuous shooting mode. The is on the call by pressing the "DRIVE" button next to the control screen of the camera back. By default, the camera is set to "frame" by pressing the lower button of the four-way switch you can choose between one of the two continuous shooting speeds. In the fast setting, the X-E2 kicks off with just under seven frames per second, this pace keeps them by quite a long, only after around 25 images, the speed decreases. Of course you need at least a Class 10 SD Memory Card with 45 Mbit / s, I have a class with 10 80Mbit / s it in camera. In the slow speed it brings the Fuji at three frames per second, and maintains this speed as long until the memory card is full. The shutter lag is felt very quickly, so I can cope very well in the street photography with the camera.

The average endurance is with approximately 300-350 photos with me. Additional batteries are of course essential in a system cameras, I have the original battery still two batteries Bundle Star in use these are favorable and qualitatively as good as the original.

Image quality color reproduction
By omitting the optical low-pass filter a very high sharpness of detail is possible, the JPEG image quality is very good, the images are sharp crack and have above all a very brilliant authentic and real color rendering and are extremely detailed and with virtually no interference. Even the finest details are extremely easy to see, between ISO 100 and ISO 800, the reproduction of detail is very good, from 800-6400 ISO consistently good until 6400 ISO occurs a minimum noise. It has always a lot of fun looking at the pictures. From the RAW images can be used in most environments is not much more out.

Flash Mode
The flash is raised above the flash button, there are the following flash options in the shooting menu.

Auto / Red Eye RT * - The flash fires when required
Supplemental lightning / RT * - Dispatched every time you shoot
Slow Synchro LZ / RT eyes * main object and the background are taken in low light conditions
Rear curtain 2 - The flash fires right before the shutter closes
Rear curtain + 2 Rear RT eyes * - The flash fires right before the shutter closes
C Commander - The built-in flash is used for remote control of external accessory flash units

* The red-eye function is only active when Intelligent Face Detection.

Video function
The X-E2 takes full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels at 60p, or 60 frames per second. Both the focus and the exposure are well tracked during filming. The image quality is impressive, the videos show a lot of detail and good color reproduction. An external microphone can be connected for better sound quality. Overall, the video feature makes a satisfactory impression for me. In low light conditions the camera comes very quickly reach their limits here then occurs color noise. The strengths of Fuji are very clear when taking pictures and not the movies. Here's my Sony RX 100 for example and worlds better.

Wireless PC AutoSave function
The transmission of images leaves nothing to be desired. Needed for the Android smartphone the free Android app Camera Remote for transferring the images to your smartphone. To be transferred to the notebook PC you need the free program PC AutoSave, which you can download on the Fuji website.
For the Android app you have to start the app then click connect, then with the XE-2 in the playback menu, press for wireless enabled out the wireless button and click connect to Android app. When PC AutoSave function once to enter to connect to a router using WPS or by entering the password WP2. The data is then stored in the camera.
After that you start the transfer again in playback by pressing the menu button in the second tab of the second to last entry from below "PC AutoSave" then the router is looked for when the camera has found that only confirmed and the images transmitted clearly visible at the bottom right in the taskbar on the PC by pressing the display back the transfer is canceled.
The camera always reads this from the last to the transmitted images from the PC folder and then always begins on all images to be retransmitted. Therefore, it is useful to flush it on the camera unwanted images, then only the new images are always transferred. Using the Android app allows the Fuji complete remote control in the recording functions.

The Fujinon XF 18-55mm F2,8-4 R LM OIS is a very valent kit lens, it clearly stands out from the Standardkitobjektiven from, it is very valuable mainly made of metal. It covers on the Fujifilm X-E2 from a small format equivalent focal length 27-84 mm and coincides with a maximum aperture of F2.8 to F4.0 significantly brighter than a typical standard zoom lens. Even at full aperture, it delivers in the middle crisp images and is towards the edge more than a little softer. With an average aperture formed perfect images, fine details are sharp and precisely mapped to the screen, the integrated optical image stabilizer works very reliably, I can here in almost all situations even produce sharp images with minimal shutter speed of 1/40 sec. This I have also set the camera menu in the "ISO Auto mode" as the lowest limit. The panel suggests an aperture ring on the lens in 19-stop increments up to F22, it can also create a beautiful background blur and bokeh.

Film Simulation
The function simulates the effect of different types of films including Schwaz white films.
You can choose from here:
STD (Standard Provida) Standard Fabwiedergabe
VL (Velvia alive) For more saturated colors
S (Astia) For soft natural skin tones
NS Pro (NEG h) A soft-toned palette. For portraits in the studio
Pro (NEG Hi) offers a bit more contrast Suitable for portrait shooting outdoors as NS Pro (NEG h)
C (B & W) for BLACK & WHITE photos
BY (B & W + yellow filter) for black and white photos with a little more contrast.
BR (B & W with Red Filter) Higher contrast with black and white photos
BG (black and white with green filter) Soft skin tones in black and white portraits
Sepia (Sepia) For images in sepia tone

Special accessories
The upper and lower limit of the ISO sensitivity and shutter speed can be set "Auto Function" menu on a. The optical viewfinder has an automatic convergence function which can be on and off, here the finder works only when the eye approaches or permanently, with an optional shutdown of the LCD. Very good also the "DR noise reduction" function is hereby the pictures with little contrast or bright lights in four stages to be adjusted either automatically. For me, the setting is set to automatic, that is for me in most designs the best setting, there are DR 100 DR 200 and 400. In the camera playback menu, you can also all image editing operations are subsequently changed that. It is possible, for example, the image quality to change the noise or the picture and apply a film simulation. The camera also has a "geotagging" feature which but for the smartphone app only works in conjunction with the Android. The camera can also be operated via the cable release also features an electronic shutter, which is connected to the microphone jack. Fuji offers to the RR-80, which I myself have not tried.

As recommended accessories I have still the bundle Star Battery Charger 4 in 1 incl. Charging cradle incl. Two additional batteries, the SUN-SNIPER-STRAP The COMPACT Steel & Bear Kameragurt (wire-reinforced, ball-bearing camera screw) black and digiETUI camera bag leather Fujifilm X-E1 camera system / X-E2 concerned with 18-55mm lens.

Here you always have enough juice for photographs and is in charge flexibly. The camera strap allows very quick access to the Cam in street photography and has an effective anti-theft protection. With the high quality camera bag to protect this beautiful camera and lens against damage.

The Fuji X E2 is certainly nothing for now and clippers. This calls for a camera when shooting, certainly you can also use the automatic settings very good pictures but achieve creative play with speed and aperture makes herewith simply a lot of fun and so can be still better results, as well as each photo is a good shot.
I am very excited that Fuji has developed here for a great camera. The video function is available but because other system cameras are better. But the focus here was clearly placed on the photo function and since the Fuji makes everything perfect. This cam will last a lifetime friends me. Here I forgive clearly 5 star, attached some pictures.

Very good image quality
Very high quality finish
Very fast autofocus, including trigger function
Fokuspeaking facilitated the arming
Pop flash with extensive options
All important settings can be through the Q key to quickly access
Convenient Wi-Fi function on Android Phone and PC
Dials for shutter speed and exposure
Good feel, in conjunction with Up handle perfect feel
High-resolution optical viewfinder and LCD
Auto function for> Fast Hybrid autofocus
Recording Remote Control Android App
Very simple good menu
Very high quality kit lens with excellent optical quality and perfect image stabilizer
and beautiful bokeh

Satisfactory Video function

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