Very hungry batteries!

Very hungry batteries!

Additional Module for Weather Station Netatmo (Wireless Phone Accessory)

Customer Review

EDIT 08/30/2014:
The batteries (Varta Varta Energy - Alkaline Battery - AAA x 24 - Energy (LR03)) died (remember it takes 4 in the module.
She will not even required 13 days.
I now put Varta - Alkaline Battery - AAA x 8 - Max Tech (LR03), maybe that longevity will be better ...
I wonder what was in the original batteries supplied for them to have lasted "so long!"


EDIT 08/20/2014:
After several months of continuous operation and have replaced the original battery pack:
The batteries (Varta Varta Energy - Alkaline Battery - AAA x 24 - Energy (LR03)) are being depleted at Wave view. Ex: The latest, installed there three days already lost "one bar"!
Previous (Varta longlife Extra) have held only a few weeks ...
Which batteries should I buy?
Original comment:
An additional module in the continuity of the main module.
I removed one star because the price is expensive for a measurement accuracy of the CO2 that seems relative but remains indicative.
No buttons at the top, or light indicator of the room comfort condition.

The application is good, even on Android.
Can be used with IFTTTH but for now I could use it on a daily basis.

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