Very musical and neutral.  Less suitable for multimedia and heavy bass applications.

Very musical and neutral. Less suitable for multimedia and heavy bass applications.

AKG K550 Premium Headphones (Electronics)

Customer Review

AKG K550 #
To 150, and pure music applications, a pearl in terms of neutrality, differentiation, appearance, workmanship and comfort. However, the bass is not as sick as the other mentioned herein headphones, which compared him (!) In the fields of movies and games does not make quite as attractive. The wearing comfort is also airy with little contact with the ohrumliegenden cushions.
That the K550 has only a weak bass I would not say. He joins a very gleichberichtig into the overall sound. The bass is very precise and dry. Compared with the DT770 the sound is less powerful but more neutral and analytical and beautifully crisp.
Some details in jazz and classical music or in the not identified on the low end, the AKG K550 works out better than any other headphones tested here. He acts _sortierter_ than any other.
Even the look of the K550 makes her what and feels dibasic. By folding function and the beautiful design of the K550 is convenient for travel and outbound compatible. Exterior noise is well shielded, and vice versa penetrates little sound to the outside.
As I related the headphones on Amazon Warehouse Deals, often mentioned in other reviews nasty chemical smell was gone the listener :) So it has stunk nothing.
The cable is not removable. Suitable ways of 32ohm input impedance and a characteristic SPL of 114dB for underperforming sources (smartphone, tablet, etc).
Unfortunately I could not find parts for these headphones.
Compared to the other headphones here the K550 sounds a bit "brighter". It's a matter of taste what you prefer it. My AKG Q701 sounds as similar light. In this case, I am now for the "dark" side of the sound decided (DT770 or ATH-m50x).
My purchase price: 115 Amazon Warehouse Deals
Price: varies between 150 and 250 at Amazon

# Denon AH-D600
The Denon does occur spectacular and classy on what __Verpackung, exterior and Ausstattung__ concerns, but the sound is rather average, and not the price (about 150, let alone 200) angemssen. In the package of the headset is on a silk or satin scarf. One of the cables is very appealing covered with textile. Another cable comes with micro and smartphone control.
Up to 120 a conditional recommendation, but above I would not buy it. Its strengths sure does not play out while listening to music. The centers are withdrawn slightly and the stage is quite far away. The bass is voluminous and powerful, but not particularly well situates / differentiated. The overall sound often appear restless or undifferentiated and lacks brilliance. __The Comfort is however Outrageous .__ Nothing expresses and has enormous space under the ear pads, creating an airy feel.
Erstazteile appear to be unavailable for these headphones.
It's a mystery to me as it comes to an MSRP of 399. An insolence to tempt for 150 to buy?
My purchase price: 150 Amazon Warehouse Deals
Price: varies between 150 and 250 at Amazon

Beyerdynamic DT770 # 32ohms
__The Ugly Entlein__ convinced quite shy by a very tidy, quiet, highly detailed and nuanced or analytical sound despite a punchy bass. The comfort is good good, but at the 32ohms Limited Edition disturb the leatherette ear cushions, as artificial leather on the skin always produces an unpleasant feeling.
With the addition venal Velourpolstern - for only 20 :) - the comfort is even better. Under the headphones you have enough space, ie the ears barely touching the pad, and you do not feel restricted. However, I prefer because of the missing option to Velourohrpolster and therefore (relatively) poorer comfort from a star, eventually you have to invest about 20% more than necessary.
With the Velourohrpolstern headphones also makes an immediate impression as much wertigeren with leatherette upholstery.
The availability of many replacement parts (see spare parts store of Beyerdynamic) ensures endless and timeless joy with this handset.
The cable is not removable. Suitable ways of 32ohm input impedance and a characteristic SPL of 96dB for underperforming sources (smartphone, tablet, etc).
Just buy it for 150. Very good all-rounder, though the decor and appearance is rather minimalist. This headset makes a real and understated then convinces sovereign.
Anyway, you get _Easy have a good Kopfhörer_. And that counts in the end.
My purchase price: 130 Amazon Warehouse Deals
Price: about 150 at Amazon

# Audio Technica ATH-m50x
A very good all-rounder suitable for music, movies and computer games. Technically sound exactly what I was looking for. He has decent bass but not sehr_ _zu at the expense of detail or Differenziehrtheit.
The sound stays dry, detailed principle analytically, but not quite as nice as the DT770 because of but fat bass sometimes tends to slightly muddy, but what is absolutely unacceptable for me at an all-rounder.
Unfortunately, the comfort is maximum average because of the high contact pressure and the Kunstoffpolster so that I do not like wearing long these headphones and was glad when I abgenmommen him again. It is partially also very warm at the ear and has a rather constricting wearing also due to the ever-present contact the ears with ear pads.
The decor is really great: (removable) cables in various lengths, jack adapter, bag.
Suitable ways of 38Ohm input impedance and a characteristic SPL of 99dB for underperforming sources (smartphone, tablet, etc). Spare parts are always available.
My purchase price: 130 Amazon Warehouse Deals
Price: about 150 at Amazon

# Ultrasone HFI 780
According to the manufacturer for an optimized multimedia applications headphones, because the bass is somewhat strengthened. That's true as far as well. Overall, the sound acts nevertheless aufgräumt, detailed, diffenreziert and quiet. Were it not for the comfort - although even more pleasant than the ATH-m50x, I would have taken him on the short list. Unfortunately, here is the contact pressure and the problem is not under the cushions very spacious.
The cable is not removable. Suitable because of the 35ohm input impedance and a characteristic SPL of 96dB for underperforming sources (smartphone, tablet, etc). Spare parts can be found easily on the Internet.
My purchase price: 160 Amazon
Price: about 160 at Amazon

# Purchase motivation and requirements
I looked for a closed circumaural headphones (around-ear) headphones round for music, movies and computer games with at least comfortable to wear. It could be like a little more bass. Important suitability for use on power sources such as weak smartphones and tablets is (at home). So _ausgehkompatibel_ it need not be.
If possible, the headphones can have smooth plastic / synthetic leather upholstery, as these _always_ the feel negatively. Here it is hard to find something to 150. However, I do not understand why you ever extradite leatherette ear pads ....
Comfort is very important to me because when you play Flimgucken or headphones has ever longer than 1 hour on.
The availability of spare parts is desirable.

# Decision
__Es Is the Beyerdynamic DT770 become 32Ohm .__ Despite the sparse equipment and the uncharitable appearance he convinces by its sound (dry, detailed, accurate, differentiated and powerful), its bass performance and comfort. The availability of spare parts is a plus.
I additionally ordered the gray Velourohrpolster directly in Beyerdynamic shop and who tell it - the comfort is really better than the leatherette ear cushions.
The wearing comfort is the reason why I did not use the Audio Technica ATH-m50x. I was looking for a headset only to listen to music, I had the AKG K550 taken, since I hear preferably Jazz and the comfort is great.
The Denon was eliminated because of the sound and the Ultrasone for the wearing comfort. Initially, the Denon was my favorite and the Beyerdynamic I wanted to send the same - this ugly little - as he so carelessly lay in its cardboard box primitven there :)
However, I caught myself, as I have heard only with the DT770 longer and up to the appearance not always something I found what I did not like how the comfort or the mediocre sound of Denon. Sonically has DT770 quickly convinced me with the ATH-m50x which he did.
Sonically, both - the DT770 and the ATH-m50x - great all-rounder with audiophile aspirations and deep bass, with the DT770 sounded a bit more differentiated. The comfort made then for me the difference.
I respect the DT770 on Amazon Warehouse deal for only 138.

# Summary
All considered here headphones - except for the Denon AH-D600 - playing at a very good level in terms of a price of 150. Sure have the headphone different Klangcharaketerisktika. __Da Is something for everyone here .__
The Beyerdynamic DT770 and the Audio Technica ATH-m50x present a powerful sound and sound universal good that is in music, film, game. Closely followed by Ultrasone HFI780 these three still differ in comfort, with the DT770 scores best for me.
The AKG its strengths in pure Musikanwednugen if the music was not defined by powerful bass. It occurs with value and offers good comfort.

Of course, my assessment is subjective and based on my usage context. My vote is also relative to the price range (150) and the headphones type (closed) to see.
If one as I value _Langzeittragekomfort_ looking for a all-round headphones, I hope this review is helpful.
Who but it thinks may be a clear winner, err, because there are at each headphone something he - again subjectively - better or different than the other does. The decision is not easy, if necessary. Important decision is to be aligned to the context of use.
It is certainly unfair if even one of these headphones gets only a 1 or 2 rating points.

# Test environment

## Equipment
* PC + USB DAC Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus + ASIO driver + 320kbit / s VBR MP3s with the highest quality + game Saints Row 4
* NAD T757 Home Cinema Receiver + 320kbit / s VBR MP3s with the highest quality + BluRay movies
* BR60 Bryston amplifier + Sony SACD Player + diverse quality CDs
* The headphones are all min. 10h recorded.

## Music
* Cassandra Wilson - Come On In My Kitchen singing, dynamics and bass. Poor headphones act stressed out quickly in this song.
* Parov Stelar - Love Remix electric bass! The song quietly entirely by listening.
* Rage Against The Machine - Know Your Enemy Rock / Metal / Grunch. Electric guitars, drums etc. fetzt total :)

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