Very nice design - but with weaknesses product

Very nice design - but with weaknesses product

Gastroback 42429 Design Kettle Advanced Pro (household goods)

Customer Review

Experience after a month in use:

- Lid opens at the touch (Convenient one-hand operation at the tap)
- Temperature selection with beautiful LED buttons: water can be heated at different heights for different applications.
- Beautiful design of the pot and the substructure (only had the two-time imprinting the company name on the stainless steel jug
you should omit)
- Pleasant sound information on the achievement of temperature
- Automatic switch-off / dry protection
- Warming button (we never use, rather superfluous for a kettle (wasted energy)?)
- Heating loop only in the substructure (! Very important calcified not so, since not in contact with water)

- (!) The 2 window are unfortunately plastic (probably for right - and left-handed)
- The support for the Kalksieb, as well as the frame of the screen from plastic
- Cover made entirely of plastic. Viewing window in the lid made of plastic, makes no sense since there is always fog up and cook according to the water, inevitable condensation on the lid adheres (I leave the lid to the boil water now for ever, so that it can dry)

The many plastic made it necessary the new device, several times the full water capacity to heat, so that the unpleasant plastic smell was "cooked out". I think we have at least 10 Can fillings cooked à 1.7 liters until we tasted the first tea water.

Because of the unexpectedly large number of plastic and the smell we had the unit also sent almost back. Unfortunately, however, we have no alternative, only stainless steel / glass can be found with the function and temperature selection window with good ratings in the market.

The now boiled water does not smell and taste normal. Considering that other kettle even completely made of plastic, we hope now time that no harmful substances are flushed out.
Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not specify this in his "package insert." Would actually be desirable. Or should it make a fortiori suspicious when the quality of the plastic parts are not described in detail?

- Chill the heating process takes a little longer, as the unit produces heat at intervals and seemingly pauses between 2 intervals something. eg for a cup of water 3 short heating intervals
- In the manual is that minimum should be 500 ml of water in the device to avoid overheating.. We often want to heat up even a cup of water, this is unfortunate. The machine, however heated smaller quantities (200 ml) properly and switched on after reaching the temperature neatly from. In the production of only a cup to remain so in any case in the immediate vicinity of the device, since one way yes, the cup and tea / coffee etc. is aimed, so nothing can happen. In addition, the device has so loudly manual also the "boil dry".

Power consumption:
One can all LED lights on the temperature selector buttons by pressing the "Start" button fluorrescent when water is ready. Whether the kettle still consumes power, I can not say.
As a precaution, we have invested in a 1.79 Plug with circuit breaker which interrupts the power supply.

But I hope that one consumes less power overall, since it
- Only the amount of water actually needed is heated (window / quantity scale)
- Many liters of water heated only with 80 degrees: water for Caro / extract coffee / green tea, water hot water bottles etc.

Cleaning: In the absence of calcification is not necessary after a month. But actually no problem. According Bedienugsanleitung Heat some vinegar water. Be solved lime etc.

Conclusion: The kettle is very nice and works flawlessly. For us, the choice of temperature and the viewing window with capacity scale was important
The many plastic - parts bother me at the price (MRZ 2014: 106) But already, as one in connection with boiling water here has a bad feeling.
If there was an alternative with the same functions (temperature selection and viewing window) without plastics, I would not keep this product. We were looking for a long time but with good reviews without plastic found no comparable device.
When the heated water is used for children's food, I would not recommend the product. Here would previously have a test by Stiftung Warentest, etc. Give the all clear.

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