Very nice Running Watch that you can wear in their leisure time

Very nice Running Watch that you can wear in their leisure time

Polar training computers V800 (equipment)

Customer Review

After much back and forth, I finally decided to buy a special Running Watch.
A heart rate monitor can certainly create new incentives in training (during the past 10 years Marathon)
A GPS clock can help to assess the way past distances better (so my 10 km loop was just 9.2 km long ...)
Interval training can be implemented well in open terrain with GPS and stopwatch
Important to me was a long term. Should already be 12 hours so I can use the clock even with really long units.

So far I had my distances always measured with my mobile phone with the accuracy left a lot to be desired. Not to mention the handiness.

I wanted a simple and beautiful solution ideally something that I can use while swimming.

From the specifications I was immediately impressed by the Polar clock only the price ...

Well, buy clock and tried quickly.

The first finding of a satellite lasts as expected a little longer. To start a new training, first select the sport and then press Start. Once you have chosen the sport, the clock already examined the GPS signal. Very exemplary.
The first race was great fun with the clock. New terrain the info spilled km, altitude, etc. were almost as interesting as the running track. 40 beautiful km. Beep every km with all the necessary information in between is indeed standard today, has me but happy.
Next barrel 10 km there is 10 km. Worked fine. The turning point could define quasi accurate to a meter. Kindly, the track was back just as long as out speaks for the accuracy of the receiver.
Next Task swimming. I had the display for swimming at the first synchronization with the PC changed but apparently forgot to transfer the changes to the clock. That is, the clock had no GPS in swimming mode signal evaluated, but it looks right and I then losgelegt in sleep mode, so I (in the sea) received the route information. Underwater there is not a signal, but one has the arm indeed repeatedly afloat - and regularly gets the position. One can also easily read the water the clock. Brilliant.
In the evening I was even able to change the setting of the floating mode directly on the clock, so that there also the GPS signal is evaluated. Excellent.
Next day: No running it but again a long swim in the water. Now in floating mode with GPS. Swimming on the open road so is not an issue.

Since the test weekend, I still can see some beautiful routes run with the clock. Fits all the best. Interval training is fun pronounced easy operation of the clock. Runs in the dark fun, running in the glaring sun is fun, you can always easily read the clock, particularly when you can represent the most important information in two lines.
The configurable views allow special screens when mountain running high, if you do interval training, when to make an attempt even long runs.

Whether there are other watches that I am not sure afford the same for less money. I think in any case well invested every euro, after 10 years of running I once again a shot in the arm needed. After each training you will be praised by the clock (nobody else does). One can easily get the Traingshistorie view on the PC and get here again a nice feedback.
I am truly not a technology freak (which was the reason why I have only now gained me a Running Watch) and always had concerns that a complicated Running Watch me rather confused. Had to fight with my Casio clock enough.
But the operating concept of the clock and the PC analysis software is just succeeded.
I'd like something negative to write me but is not yet anything in this direction noticed.

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