Very useful and practical accessories Grill, but arg prone to scratches

Very useful and practical accessories Grill, but arg prone to scratches

Karcher 113256 BBQ grill pan 30 cm (household goods)

Customer Review

The pan is 55.5 cm long and fits only obliquely in my gas grill with a grate area of ​​52 cm x 45 cm. The pan base measures 24 cm and the holes 8 mm. The pad is made of AHS steel (carbon steel), which is very stable and tough even under heat, but has the disadvantage that it easily rusts. Therefore, it is all around, including on the floor, coated with PTFE (Teflon), but only very thin. This coating is easily scratched, so you use a spatula made of wood or silicone and the pan should never push on the grate back and forth. Even temperatures above 260 degrees, they can not tolerate. The foldable handle made of chrome steel is fixed by a clamp, so that a stable and steady connection to the pan is. Especially handy handle is terrible. Everything grillbare vegetables except sliced ​​tomatoes (by juices) and peas (fall through), can be prepared, excellent for shrimp and other seafood. Somewhat more difficult fillets are grilling of easily decomposing flesh despite non-stick coating. Taking the pan along with the grilled food from the grate, it makes them best in a round cake tin or the like, which is easy to clean, from. Unlike a steel pan pan this can not in the dishwasher. But it is easy to clean in the sink. Conclusion: A very useful accessory for friends of barbecue grilled vegetables, grilled seafood and fish, but this requires special care because of its thin scratch-prone coating.

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February 10
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February 24

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