Very useful, foolproof and almost indestructible - and still so cheap!

Very useful, foolproof and almost indestructible - and still so cheap!

Medisana Vifit Activity and Sleep Tracker USB, 5.8 x 2.8 cm, 79410 (Equipment)

Customer Review

After a heart attack the professor ordered me next to drugs mainly movement, movement and again movement. I also had the feeling that I would move me much.
This small device has enlightened me that my daily dog ​​walks are not as far as I thought. I go since twice as much and feel twice as well. Ten thousand steps to reach rarely but more often.
The one with the calories is nonsense, an illusion - but also irrelevant.

The programming and synchronization makes the Vifit from alone. I just need the cable to connect and can watch in amazement. I then all my activities for the whole month at a glance, but can also take each day under the microscope.

Robust he is. Once I clipped him forget the T-shirt and washed at 60 degrees with extra-long flushing.
After clinging to paper towels, five hours placed 20 cm in front of the heater and have it worked perfectly again - all data were stored - only the golden color that says "Vifit" acts now somewhat faded.

For me, the miracle klitzkleine device is very useful, foolproof and almost indestructible - and still so cheap!
As others carry an impractical and annoying wristband for 100 euros and have no better record of relevant data than I with the klitzkleinen Vifit.

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