Very versatile, very awesome.

Very versatile, very awesome.

The New Danger (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Here is probably an indication of how versatile ago Hip Hop can be.
So using the highly creative and mass disabled Mos Def elements like rock with his own band Black Jack Johnson, jazz or soul, and also shows once again that he is a talented rapper.
The album is completely inappropriate, to hear it in passing. You have to take time for it, because it is simply due to its complexity not nearly.
Personally, I can say that it absolutely knocks me and definite one of the best records I've ever heard of a rapper. Also
delighted as I am always very happy to hear something other than this hollow bling-bling sound.
Mos Defs creativity is truly amazing and one can only hope that it does not adapt to the mainstream and his talents, which are indeed also in acting, continues to work as he sees fit and not as the market dictates it.

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