Very very disappointed attention to bluetooth and wifi on this unit

Very very disappointed attention to bluetooth and wifi on this unit

Nokia ASHA 210 DUAL SIM Mobile Phone Compact 64MB Black (Electronics)

Customer Review

Was looking for a cheap laptop (less than 100), with a physical keyboard, which has an Exchange mail client, that is not Android or iOS, easy to use, with wifi and is compatible with bluetooth 2 + edr to use a hands-free receiver and control music player.

I took it in black, he is sober and class. Nokia quality printing is this: everything is solid, not a button that motion, nothing that makes cheap, solid materials have the air. It changes my previous smartphone of a famous Korean brand whose screen was beautiful but everything else was fragile plastoc.
The keypad buttons are rubber gum, slightly curved, and very pleasant to use.

Very basic LCD 320x240 pixels 64000 colors, but sufficient for those who do not spend their time on their phone. It reminds me of that of the GBA Advance, for those who know, because of the backlight that shines shades of black and gray.
The pixel density is 169ppp: less sticking his nose on the screen, the picture is quite clear. Viewing angles are very low, but honestly looking through his phone? It is also light enough for use in bright sunlight, but the downside is that the brightness does not adjust automatically with a sensor.

The speaker phone delivers clear sound and the caller can hear you well. For music, you must use good headphones as they are delivered low quality. The speaker on the back is broadcasting music, and even high-volume quality is really good.
Huge disappointment against for bluetooth: Nokia would have done better not to bluetooth chip rather than put one of such poor quality. The sound transmitted to a pregnant or a hands-free kit / bluetooth headphones is absolutely despicable and inaudible. Even the telephone conversation this feature is not usable.

Do not expect to play 3D games on this device, but all available functions work smoothly. The OS Nokia Series 40 is lightweight and well thought out, easy to use and pretty.
Email: perfect, configuring your various accounts is very simple and writing messages on a physical keyboard is much more pleasant than on a touch keyboard.
Internet browsing is not really pleasant because reading text on a small screen is not practical. As against the pages load quickly. An extra practical solution.
Big downside for me: the Youtube application that systematically puts all the videos cached in memory before reading, systematically blocks 29%. Can not play a video on my camera.

The Asha 210 has wifi and bluetooth theoretically.
Huge disappointment on the bluetooth: if it detects the devices immediately and connects in no time, the sound quality transmitted by Bluetooth is absolutely horrible ... You can not use this function to listen to music or even to converse via a hands-free kit. In addition, Nokia claims that the 210 supports Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, ie control the music player, or this is not the case: my 2.1 + EDR receiver Logicom LBT-AR120 does not allow to read / pause, or change tracks or change the volume.

Another anomaly: the micro USB port is supposed to allow the content to synchronize with your computer, but Nokia has strangely decided that the Nokia Suite software would not take care of the Asha 210. The USB serves only to copy and paste files to your micro SD card.
Also note that there is no 3G on this unit. For me it was not a selection criterion because I use internet tablet and computer, but those who like surfing the internet in public transport prefer to choose a 3G phone + or 4G.
Wifi is simple but works ... or not. Let me explain. Simple because it is basic (no WPS connection). Work or stops working for no apparent reason: Sometimes, when I try to connect to my box, it can not connect and an error message appears saying "server busy". In this case we must fully reset the phone (!), Ie, lose all data and configuration, then the wifi works again ... until the error returns.

Important criterion for me, tired of having to charge my phone every day. If you think cutting the bluetooth and wifi when you do not need, autonomy is excellent. A refill every 3 or 4 days sufficient.

Totally useless feature. Not being a fan of the photos taken by the phone sensors, this was not a selection criterion for me, and fortunately, because in this case the 2-megapixel f / 2.8 without autofocus or flash brings you more 10 years back.

64MB of internal memory is very little, although compatible applications rarely weigh more than 1MB. To be completed imperatively with a micro SD card if you want to install applications or listen to music.

I thought I had found a perfect device for my needs, easy to use, clutter-free updates (as is the case of Android), Nokia good quality, with a physical keyboard, and for a reasonable price. Unfortunately the horrible quality of the Bluetooth audio transmission, and errors Wi repeated connection that I have returned the device.

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