Very well-balanced game.  Many tactical possibilities.  Good AI

Very well-balanced game. Many tactical possibilities. Good AI

Evolve - [PC] (computer game)

Customer Review

I feel almost compelled to make a 5 Star Rating.
Here are so many reviews from people who have not even bought the game.
The only argue what they read on major news portals. Or judge the game by what they have seen in the Alpha / Closed Beta.
In a nutshell: These people know and do not understand anything from the current game. Many game content were closed at that time and not playable to the public.

Since 10 February, I have now about 40 hours of play on the account.
And that's what I've seen at this time, I'll describe in this review.

The game is currently about 26 gigabytes in size. The installation takes a long time because the game has to be unpacked first. The good thing in my opinion the all videos in the game not be streamed online, but will be played from the hard drive. Unfortunately, taking this advantage with about 12 GB a lot of space. The video folder can be deleted without any problems, you want to the many intros no longer see or if you want to save hard disk drive capacity.

The Game:
The game principle is simple. 4 hunters play in the team and chase the monster that is controlled by a single player. The monster has to hide / run away and eat on the way as much as possible always flock. The Monster builds after each feeding on an armor. Is this fully, the monster can evolve, get more life and armor and can continue entwickeln.Das whole can make the monster twice.
The hunter must find the monster very quickly, because the monster is continuously stronger. In Phase 1 the monster is very good to handle. Phase 2 is already a very balanced fight, where the monster is usually a little stronger. In Phase 3, the hunters become the hunted.
Here every hunter has his own role in the team and individual skills or weapons.

The roles are:

So to speak, the tank of the group with an extra shield and many damage abilities.

Healer of the group - usually weaken with sniper rifles at the group.

Locates the opponent catches him & captures him in a dome.

Second DPS with skills to support the group.


Gorilla-like monster with very strong health. Can sneak, shares good, can sneak and has a very high health. Weakness: Slow flight & Melee Range. Weak armor at the beginning.

Flying Monsters with middle plate. Good to open areas and attacks from a distance. Weakness Small areas in the deie range can not be played.

Fast, small. Is very quickly has a weak shield, players can move and create a clone to distraction. Weakness damage & early bustards.

Currently, there are 12 fighters and 3 monsters.
It is possible with / against AI online, or to play offline.

Level System:
The player level cap is 40. There are added lasts a very long time. It alone has 20 hours needed to ascend to level 20. With each level there are emblems or backgrounds to be Evolve profile refresh. Additionally, hunters can test your skills level up 3 times. For this we need eg 40 x trigger Harpunfalle. If you manage that, the ability of the hunter is slightly enhanced. (Example: Level 1: + 2% healing Level 2:. + 4% Healing Level 3: + 6% cure).
By the way you can still 49 Steam Achievements, Steam completing 5 Traiding Cards & several side quests. If level of emblems or selectable bonuses, which can be selected in each case before the match. (Eg 10% moving speed).

Additionally there is a Android & iOS companion app (Evolve: Hunters Quest) with which you can level up your character the way! The whole is then a kind Bjeweled ..

Game Modes:
There are 5 modes that also fully sufficient in my opinion.
There is:

The Hunt:
Monster find & kill. At level 3, the monster may alternatively the relay attack to finish the game.

6 eggs are on the map. Here the players have to depending on the situation in a 2 - 2 group or in a 3-1 group Divide & destroy the eggs. The monster must kill the hunters. Incidentally, the monster eggs to free and then a small, weak Goliath fights at his side. 2

The hunters have distant survivors "revive" save & escorting. The Monster zerkloppt the survivors.

The monster is directly on the stage 3. It has 10 minutes each time to destroy a sheltered by hunters relay. Help 2 small Goliaths that every 20 seconds after your death re spawn again. The hunters will be helped by turrets. Here it is defending and simultaneously generate pressure!

Evacuation: In 5 cards each 4 games modes (Hunt / Recovery / Nest) are played. Map 5, the final showdown takes place. The evacuation. Each winner receives a ticket for the next card a special bonus:
Carnivorous plants, wildlife Aggressive, additional companion, turrets and much more.
In total there are 10 bonuses.
Some are devastating. Others are quite balanced in.

There are currently 16 different maps!
12 for the standard modes and 4 for the other modes.
Please call me a game where you have to start 16 different playing cards.
Each card is affected by different weather. There may be heavy rain, snowfall, clear vision or mist.

In each mode must be played differently. Depending on what is our team and who is our enemy.
Therefore, it makes sense the 5 modes in the mode evacuation be played. Here you can analyze the preferences of the Monsters & then take his team selection. If he has only played 4 rounds the Kraken, the chance of card 5 is also high, which he plays the Kraken.

Important character choice within the team is strong adjust. Every Hunter has its weaknesses, which can be compensated with other Charaktern. This helps to create good strategies. So you can play Lazarus (Medic) very well with Hank (Support). Lazarus is the only Medic can not heal well. He can resurrect players for no waiting time. This he himself can not heal well, he is a good target for the monster in the worst case. However, Hank can use his shield to the lack of healing of Lazarus compensate or protect him.

There are really a lot of players and the servers are very stable.
On average, it takes a minute is up a full team together. There are in-game Voice Chat for easy communication. But here we come to the most important part of the game:
The monsters are too generally and communicate with random players very poor. We know who you never stop playing because if he hears one or has a mic on.
One should form a core group to enjoy the game in all its strengths. Communication is the lifeblood!
Prefer not to play along, you can try as a monster to turn his rounds.

There is no real campaign. Rather a multiplayer campaign as is the case with titanium case. The Videoseqzenzen which are to be played before each mission very well animated. Unfortunately, some repeat sooner or later. This may not prevent you halt. Rendering & creators of such video is expensive. It can not be produced 100 videos. So there is not really a story and the interaction / Multiplayer is the focus.
What is convincing, the audio dialogues of the characters. Every time a mission is started, we jump out of an airplane. Before it comes to take-off, always a very small dialogue between the characters, where we learn more about the past, the friendships and the life of the hunter appears. sometimes even more than the world Sheer. The dialogues are always particularly ironic funny, so you before each jump again can laugh and relaxed coming into the match.
In the game the characters talk to each other. We use skills, many different sayings are omitted. We meet opponents, animals or catch the monster give the hunters ever a statement from.
The audio of the characters is not only stupid funny, but also useful.

AI, animal & plant life:
Everything on Sheer wants to kill you. This is just like that. Monster, Carnivorous Plants, disguised as rocks frogs, crocodiles. Once a hunter inadvertently killed or eaten. This gives the Monster finally more time & keeps the hunters. There are various animals on each card. Some there are only certain cards.

The AI ​​is more than impressive. We play in a well-established 4 man group and it's happened many times that killed us a Monster Bot. The AI ​​for Monster seems to be very intelligent. We also hear from many players. If not a monster, it will not continue to Hardtryer. No, it waits with his attacks, creeps somewhere else and tried from another position to attack. Not bad.
However bad the hunter bots. They're dumb as sandwiches, often get stuck and sometimes do not move properly. This can be really frustrating.
To access bots to all sorts of animals, even alone if they are in the majority. Then they die or leave the opponent voluntarily eating.

Animals act very well with other animals. So eat and hunt these mutually. Some prey animals try the hunter attack in packs. A few are peaceful. Other animals have different stages of aggression.

There are few bugs in the game modes.
Sometimes monsters can beat by a broad scope by thin walls.
Jetpack goes out shortly before the end of the cliff.
Daisy or bots get stuck somewhere.
But everything occurs on rare.

Most are more concerned with the connection within the lobby or the interaction with Steam.
It comes through the Steam overlay to a bug that allows the mouse pointer disappear.
After the victory you will be kicked out of the lobby, frustrating but also rare.
There is no player found.
And a few more bugs.

But those are just little things that are fixed in the future with small patches. One does not have to play the impression an alpha, but a finished game!

DLC plans:
Sorry, it's sad that all the people on this DLC - jump TripAdvisor - hatred.
There is much more criminal than Turtle Rock Studios.
Name? - I have.
EA, Battlefield, all CoD parts.
There you pay but also for premium and new maps? - This behavior you should not support!

What makes Evolve better?
You get the damn card for free! Why your complains because it?
This prevents the Community is aufgeplittet. Each player can continue to play with other players on a map!

Skins are available in each game to buy.
I very much more here, the problem that some players resent the whole game not being able to shoot low in a Steam sale. You get only halt the standard package.

I find it very good, the Turtle Rock Studios its preorder are so generous Vorbestellerboni. (Value € 20). People go the pre nowadays almost always a disadvantage. The game is effective after 4 weeks already by half, skins and Vorbestellerboni can be bought for a fraction of the original price.
Sure you have the game as the first, but also appreciated spent 80% more money.
Evolve was the first game in which I was happy that a pre-worth it!

My Conclusion:
First innovative shooter in a long time. Group game is a must & there are so many tactical options that are wider still by extension. Because there is no exclusive maps, it is ensured that the game is played for a long time by a broad community. Without the need to sit for 10 minutes in the group search.
I am now joined an Evolve communities, and certainly have 15 friends in my friends list with which I can play rounds at the cozy Ts. By the way, there is always fun by the witty dialogues of the characters. Each of these friends has its purchase of Evolve no regrets. The game is very well balanced and there are in fact only a few, hard serious bugs.
In this case, 5 stars.

######### DLC Update #####

Evolve has finally added the other characters of the game. Unfortunately, the developers have left with this update far too much time. The new cards were first 3/4 months after release. In my opinion, the main reason for the stagnant and especially less heady player numbers. According Steam charts, no more than 1000 players are playing a day game more.
I participated in Evolve with my team with very few ESL competitions, unfortunately this interesting part of the game was not enough in spite of great announcements supported. Much senior players have Evolve already turned their backs.

But what are me most bothers the new game characters. The background stories and the character design are unique. It will also be buttoned to the relations with the other characters. Too bad that here no more money was invested in a decent campaign. However, the new characters on Balancing lacks. The new Hunters are virtually become the standard choice in the game, because your skills surpass those of other hunters. (Supporter Sunny for example, which takes several supporting roles. (Mobility & Protection & a small part of damage). Other supporters can concentrate on one thing at most.
this makes the characters not yet long to Pay2Win characters, but the gameplay robbed already.

The only consolation: It can find almost every 2 weeks Events held in Evolve, where you get free skins.
But due to lack of numbers of players I guess now from buying.
I reduce my 5 star rating on 3 stars.

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