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Bosch TES60351DE Kaffeevollautomat VeroAroma 300 OneTouch preparation, 1500 W, 1.7 L, 15 bar, silver (household goods)

Customer Review

Unfortunately had to be picked up my Bosch TES50251 3 times for leakage from Bosch. The service provided by Bosch was first class every time. Phoned the next day GLS was there and within 6-7 days my KVA was back. Unfortunately, the error occurred 3 times on (perhaps a good thing, the new thing is just great)). Bosch offered me to exchange my old 1 KVA to 1 (with no extended warranty) or surcharge to take another machine with 24 months warranty. Has annoyed the old KVA persevered any 24 months. Nevertheless, I am glad to have had a Bosch. The service is just unbeatable.

For KVA. Make it all better than my old TES50251. There is indeed the sister model of Siemens. You might think it's all the same. But it is not. The processing is strangely but better at Bosch. It begins with the coffee extract at (height adjustment) In the Siemens I have to grab the sides and pull it were an extension down. This all feels very shaky and very cheap. When Bosch does that feel better and more stable. There I do not need to pull down an extension but move all the coffee spout. The brewing unit can also be removed more easily. Are many little things that are better resolved at Bosch. The display is one of them.

The KPA is again quieter than my old TES50251. The Beginning quietly, but this is in the KVA respect an absolute stunner. Since you can safely have a coffee at 4 clock in the morning without drawing the woman to wake up. The adjustment possibilities are enormous. Although you can not customize, but who needs that, please? The amount of water can be changed for Espresso, Cafe Crema, Cappuccino, Latte and me coffee for each (small, medium, large). We have 4 different cup sizes (Espresso, small cup, large cup and large latte) on these cups to provide a logically the capacity. The only thing you may not change the coffee strength and is done with a tap. Since I do not need to store profiles. The cups that I use, my friend uses, too. As written, the only thing that changes is the strength of any

The coffee is nice and hot. Since there is no reason to complain. The frothy milk is lukewarm. Is also totally okay for me. There is no KVA heats the 6 degree cold milk within 1 second to 70 degrees. If you want warmer milk, it must briefly heating in the microwave or use a nozzle. I will therefore assess the machine not worse. It is in every KVA with suction function so that has the milk to 40-50 degrees.

All drinks prepares the machine to wonderfully except one. Grand Cafe Crema. As it was already in the TES50251 so that this tastes like filter coffee. So even with this. Maybe I need to try something there and score better results. Maybe I'm going to draw a very strong espresso and then top up with hot water. Maybe I'll get there the right result.

The touch screen responds super. It all looks very valuable from (despite plastic). I hope that this KVA lasts longer than 24 months. If this is not the case, then I will also Bosch turn their backs and then switch to a portafilter times. Now the machinery is new and of course super. I will from time to time provide an update on how the machine makes.

Note: When Bosch TES50251 the grounds was always very wet due to the flushing operation of the machine. This makes the Bosch TES60351 as well, but it's not such a mess as the old machine.

Not happy .... 12 Rank: 2/5
September 9
Well this is what a mouse Rank: 5/5
June 3
Perfect for beds of 180 x 200 !!! Rank: 5/5
September 18
Very good value 375 Rank: 5/5
April 2
very solid 8 Rank: 5/5
October 24

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