Welcome back to the German musical hall of fame ...

Welcome back to the German musical hall of fame ...

Jazz is different (incl. 3-Track Bonus Download EP) (Audio CD)

Customer Review

"Jazz is different" - great title, horny packaging, super content ...

What more do you want? The doctors at the same time the best band in the world, are back and know once again what her fans want. On the new record 16 new songs plus 3 bonus tracks are outfitted actually would make the musical tastes of each! Here, feel-good songs mix, as the superior "Let speak" - for me the clear best song on this album, the text is just great - or "sky blue", with thoughtful ballads like "Just a Kiss" and anprangernden rockers, like the first single "Boy"!

The texts have failed once again unique and the three doctors offer a truly extraordinary fresh sounding and varied album! The level that they have achieved with the brilliant predecessor "sound" was, though difficult to achieve, but nonetheless I think that there is this music poets have managed once again totally convincing!

The lyrical outpourings of a Farin Urlaub's having to just again mentioned separately and be lifted out! Top class! More you have to "Jazz is different" does not actually say, the rest is done by listening to yourself! Farin Urlaub, Bela B. and Rod Gonzales prove with their new album that they just belong to the German music scene, such as the hole in the midst of a CD - and that's saying something ...

Genial !! 7 15 Rank: 5/5
February 5
Second door Rank: 5/5
August 27
disappointment on May 4 1230 Rank: 1/5
January 16
very disappointing 99 Rank: 2/5
April 6

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