What he is, he can not very well!

What he is, he can not very well!

Medisana Vifit Connect Activity Tracker (equipment)

Customer Review

Dear Readers,

by now using the catchy Medisana Vifit Connect Activity Tracker I would like to ask my review available.

Since I personally love most activity tracker, I apologize already in advance that my review perhaps a little more detail fails.
If you do not want to read a lot, you my short conclusion could possibly be enough. Otherwise, I wish you much perseverance, but who want to invest a lot of money, should be able to expect a hopefully sufficiently informative review. Here we go ...

Packaging / perceived quality:
The Vifit is delivered in a small but sufficiently large packaging. The device is relatively small. The matching bracelet is in my opinion quite clunky and ugly, but that's a matter of taste. Plus, there's a mini-USB cable to the Vifit every 7-10 days at the computer / laptop recharge. In addition, there is still a quick start guide included.

My first steps:
Setting up a free account is really fast. My initial problem was that I wanted to convey the data on the iPhone, but this was never implemented. Do I make myself but on the HP account by the manufacturer, so me everything was displayed. As it turned out, after the event has, this was a software bug in the iOS software sold separately. This has been fixed after about 10-14 days from the developer.
The intense and correct setting of the step length on the HP of the manufacturer is essential as me otherwise indicating the Vifit fable steps. I have repeatedly checked my steps, but still shows me the Vifit even after weeks always much more steps as for example the Garmin Vivofit.
Clean the display and also of the layout, the power of Vifit a good impression, but the core business include steps he makes just to inexact. That is the essential point, which bothers me massively.

I average about 60-100km a week go (depending on time) and this tracke using GPS, I can allow me to chalk this also the device as the steps sometimes extremely vary compared to other trackers. I am aware that it is not simply the tracker is because each has its advantages and disadvantages, but the other trackers do better at least by challenges or communities. For me alone already is a challenge where I can measure up to others in my scope to put an Motiviationsgrund more on this tracker. But everyone here has his preferences, the course does not have to be congruent with my.

The transfer of data from the device to the iOS software and also for Medisana HP is also felt 8 hours (forgive me my exaggeration). First, he will contact the online page and then you couple the device via Bluetooth. The pure transmission (when carrying out this not every day) is quite short, but after that, the software is similar again to the online side of Medisana. This can sometimes really good cook 3 minutes walk. The person is just too long to me.

What I have noticed so?
-The Display can be when the sun does not read very well, but much better than, say, the display of the Withings Pulse.
-The Display is backlit and thus can also be read at night (unlike the E-Ink display of the Garmin Vivofit).
-positive I find the aspect that you yourself can set daily goals (example 6000 steps a day). This is stored and can be on a line determined (measured in percent) on the Vifit, what percentage have been mastered.
-The Charging the Vifit is very fast. To this end, I've just taken the 5V adapter my iPhone. The pure recharge takes by about 1 hour.
-The IOS App provides the presentation of very chic, like very much. But all this naturally brings nothing if the coupling and transmission goes like hours and you always know in the back of the head that made steps not quite correspond to the truth.

Starting from my side there is no recommendation for the Vifit. In my humble opinion, the competitors can all somehow better. While the steps may be adapted by the stride here, but even after repeated switching this match is still not (cross-checking by GPS trackers made!). The software of the iOS app has been improved 2x, so the support is, of course, strives to get everything under control, but this is useless if the steps are not of this world. Therefore, I forgive 2 stars for the pedometer. I'll use it even further in the future. If the effect change or improve something, of course I'm happy my review to expand.

If you have persevered this far, I congratulate you most sincerely. They have survived my review and I hope it was informative for you.
Whether positive or negative, you can confirm with an actuation of the helpful and non-helpful buttons. No matter how you decide, I wish you much fun browsing and if you have chosen to Medisana Vifit Connect Activity Tracker ..... have fun collecting the steps! ;-)

sublimissime Rank: 4/5
February 26
Crossfit Rings Rank: 4/5
February 22
Very good product in 1205 Rank: 5/5
February 24
Commantaire 1 Rank: 2/5
March 2

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