What kind of feel to the touch

What kind of feel to the touch

Huawei Ascend Y530 Smartphone (11.4 cm (4.5 inch) touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera, 4GB internal memory, Android 4.3) (Electronics)

Customer Review

As the majority of Germans, I used to put on the Galaxy or iPhone. After but was able to convince me that the Wiko, I am not averse to cheaper models. Whether my preference can be topped but I was curious.

As befits a smart phone, there is a small user. Although the majority of users will certainly never have a look inside, because the usage is usually very intuitive, there are always users who want to read from this site. This manual is a little small Quick Start Guide, which really only the most important, first steps will be described. In this day and age actually sufficient, but you have to teach yourself quite a bit. For newcomers or the elderly, it could therefore not necessarily be so easy.

Visually, the smartphone is a small eye-catcher. At first glance, the model with its 4.5-inch display from other Android smartphones differ. If you look at but here again the back, then it appears that is the big difference here again. The reason is that the back is equipped with a small pattern that ensures optimum grip in hand. Even with sweaty fingers can here nothing slip and she feels soft. Even the light weight of 145g makes for a good grip. Both my husband and I found the model to be very handy.
In the top center of a nice flat camera with a flash light is right there alongside. And on the other side is the speaker. The ports and buttons are adapted clean. Downstairs are three touch buttons on the left on the outside of the volume rocker and the on / off switch.

Although I had some smartphones, each new model is a surprise and a challenge for me. Before you start, only the lid has been removed in time are. Sim card insert, battery inside, and then it can be turned on. What is needed is a normal mini SIM card, which some users require an adapter in times of Micro and Nano course here. After switching on some points and settings are explained and performed. In this case, there are things like language, name, Internet or Google account. After subtleties can not be individualized. Wallpapers, ring tones and more.
It's all very easy and even if you have never owned a smartphone, it takes only a few minutes until you get along with the user interface and handling. One notices here clear that the smartphone for beginners is suitable because everything is kept as light as possible. Those who want to can in advance expand the 4GB internal memory with a microSD card up to 32 GB.

In the display of course you can not expect a miracle, because the value for money can be here no huge jumps open. The display is as mentioned above 4.5 inches in size and has a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. At the present time, of course, not very much, but it is sufficient for a sharp look. But it is of course even better and that too with qHD, Full HD and Co. Compared to my Cink Peax 2 with qHD is already minimally worse. The colors are still very nice and lively, and the multi-touch function is not bad on the screen. A pity, however, is again the saving of Gorilla Glass. When I see, for example, the Nokia Asha 311, an absolute breeze Smartphone for about 100, this uses special and scratch-proof glass, then I do not understand why so many manufacturers that can not even be used in more expensive models. It feels indeed different, but I like smart phones with Gorilla Glass prefer. In addition, only a grain of sand in the bag must be and already something goes wrong. However, this is just a minor thing, because many smartphones have this glass is not so well here a typical protector will help. Thus, the display is not too much strain on the battery, you can set how quickly he turns off the remainder. In short, the screen is not a highlight, but at this price is also not so tragic.

But now to the most important point, the handling. With some smartphones I can really say that we are at war. There are models that accept commands and I despair regularly. In recent times, this is thanks to recent techniques become better and better, but there are also still inexpensive smartphones, which unfortunately are very bad. However, Huawei is in this model quality and a very good responsive touch display. All commands are immediately recognized and accepted. The Browse fix works great and the selection of apps or typing commands are implemented swiftly. It hooked anything and all is running fast and despite the fact that there is no super powerful processor was installed. In direct comparison to my Cink Peax 2 you realize that this is just a little bit slower.

But now to the menu and here the company relies on two optical surfaces. In addition to the well-known for many users interface that emotion UI scolds himself there this time as a debut at Huawei, the surface Simple UI. She remembers with their very colorful tiles on Windows 8. In order for the operation to be naturally easier more intuitive and clear. Personally, I can not make friends with the surface and've decided for the standard model, which is just normal for Android. It is nice, of course, that his favorites you can very nicely summarized at your fingertips again. Altogether can be incidentally 9 homescreens create, and take the apps in folders together. However, this is necessary because a real app menu does not exist, and so real, all applications are based directly on the individual homescreens. Can be created through the folder, run through a simple app to another, but it's not bad, but I personally feel it is even quite pleasant. At least for me it's all clear.

The settings menu is duplicated, if one can put it that way. On the one hand there is a kind of short setup menu, which does not include all possibilities and is reminiscent of IOS. Secondly, there is the full settings menu, which is precisely the familiar Android-style.

It continues with SMS, number administration and the e-mails. The tap is working properly. The fields are also in portrait format size and the correct letter a QWERTY keyboard is offered so that typing fast of goes.
Operation via buttons is limited to a few. The external I have already explained to you. Downstairs is he homescreen button, which terminates the program, so to speak. Right there is the usual back button, which returns you a step. The left touch button leads to settings in the apps and Co.

Handling Like us personally of course good, even if the response time is minimal worse than, for example, the Wiko or Galaxy S3. Others will not perceive these Mili-second (s). In addition, this also falls on only in some games. In most cases you do not even notice it.

Above, I have now talked all the time of Apps and so I would also like to comment briefly on the operating system. Surely you have already read it. Currently Android 4.3 installed. It works so reibungslosApps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. There are many great free apps, or fee-based, which can be paid via credit card.

On the Internet it's either mobile on the SIM card or via WiFi. Both versions allow quick access. The WLAN can be set up easily. It automatically searches for it and will quickly find it. Now you need only your password, unless you have saved it, and then you can surf. In our house, 140m², I have very good reception everywhere, which unfortunately is not the case with all smartphones. Thus, the battery lasts longer, it is recommended that in case of non-use of both mobile data and WLAN off.

Telephony and voice quality
The phone works either through the contact list or by entering the phone number. Both work fine. And also on the voice quality, there is nothing to complain about. It rustles the phone not in the background, as long as it is not just stormy, and both I, and my interlocutor could understand each other well. The volume rocker is also easily accessible, has a good tactile feedback. The speakerphone distorts nothing, and so it makes a lot of fun with this phone to make calls. Whether here what changes when I use my right sleeve, which unfortunately needs from France a little longer, I'll tell you later if necessary.

The reception is of course an important issue. There are places where I have less good reception, such as in hospitals or in rural areas. Since then can suddenly one bar to be present, where I had to be honest with the Wiko or the Galaxy one bar more, but so far I have not found a place where I suddenly had no reception. Exceptions are places where really no smartphone has received.

Music is a must in this day and age no smartphone. Of course, one must not expect miracles here, but the sound is a smartphone in order. It does not matter whether with or without headphones. The bass is not boomy, the heights are not exaggerated pointed and everything is clear. In addition, it does not sound tinny like some equipment to be used. It's definitely a good music reproduction in the smartphone market. You can create a playlist that can sort all your music for specific factors and many more.

The rear camera can with its 5 MP clear points. The images are not to be compared with a single-lens reflex camera, but need snapshots, the kids, bloggers, families and professionals, it is sufficient. It depends on the lighting conditions, and some pictures are very blurred and pixxelig, but here I must say that I've seen worse cameras. With flashlight, it usually has a very bright. Here I really recommend the camera for snapshots only under ideal conditions. The front camera is on the other hand almost a shame. I'm sorry, if I say so, but 0.3 MP is simply outdated. Even with my Wiko are here at least 2 MP. I think my last 0.3 MP camera I had with my phone around 8-10 years ago. By that I mean, damn long ago. Like the pictures look, I need hardly say. They can use, but I'd been there to fall back on the back of the camera, because they are not even more optimal conditions presentable or suitable for Facebook.

The battery life is one of the most important points. The mobile phone should offer much, but it is of course not even go out on the road. The battery is replaceable and is incredible here 591 and 612 hours of standby, as well as around 10 hour of talk time. Especially the standby time is on the new processor and the new operating system loungers. How long the battery lasts at the end, of course, depends on your own usage patterns. I personally have in the testing phase played often times, used the Internet, checked emails, phone calls and had permanently WLAN. Personally, I have to recharge my battery every 3 days. If I turn off the smarpthone overnight, then 4 days ago, before the battery indicator tells you that he should be charged. You notice here already that the new operating system draws less.

Test result
The Huawei Ascend Y530 is one of the low-cost models, but has many advantages, the more expensive models can be happy abschauen. With what the phone contains and makes, you can say that you make a real bargain. Although the memory is internally a bit small, but can easily be extended. The front camera is already a small joke, but with the good performance, the well-responsive touch screen and the good battery, take this small blemish out with a twinkling eye. For all who are still interested in the benchmark check can at least collect about 12,000 points the smartphone.

'' 'For you ... o0o zusammengefasst..o0o' ''


+ Battery
+ Performance away from fast-paced games
+ Good sound
+ Solid pictures under good conditions (main camera on the back)
+ Precise touchscreen
+ Easy to use
+ Android and Windows interface

- Unfortunately, no Gorilla Glass
- Front camera with 0.3 megapixels quite funny
- Internal memory but quite small but extendable
- In some games that require more power and speed, it pushes boundaries and jerky

One has to see the whole Rank: 5/5
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Not bad ... 542 Rank: 3/5
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superb 1047 Rank: 5/5
January 15
an achromatic bag Desigual Rank: 5/5
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