What kind of potential ...

What kind of potential ...

Rise of the Argonauts - [Xbox 360] (Video Game)

Customer Review

... Was unfortunately away, ancient Greece, legends and stories without end, gods, heroes, demigods, hybrid creatures, intrigues, murder, betrayal, wisdom and love ...

Rise of the Argonaut sounds once incredibly exciting to: An "epic RPG" (so described), which revolves around King Jason and his Argonauts, who are looking for the golenen Flies, go on a boat, on different islands .... playing, you what a fabulous game you could have done it, who knows even a little bit with the Greek mythology, knows the ancient Greece really would be suitable allerbestens for an RPG, at Zeus! !!

The result is painful, I do not want to here the individual points, as katastrofale German Synchro, extremely boring texture wallpaper, wooden Charaktäre, totally linear gameplay and extremely unautentische saga that is one sold here (Delphi is the Greeks unknown, Delphi is a island, Jason studied as a "king", the flow to his wife to rescue Hercules should really be called Herakles and and and enter), but give only a short summary here and list each item in "Pro" and "contra".


-Antikes Greece, whose flair is made, at least initially (debate Phillosophen, reverence for nature and the gods, intrigues, epic, Patos, Phillosophie)
-Great, Really consistent background music, good sound design
-Great Lighting effects
-Ansatzweise Really good idea of ​​what gameplay and atmosphere terms (which were then unfortunately unset very mediocre, one fights stop, nothing more ...)
-Several Islands, each with its own flair are to travel (unfortunately only once)
To -Tribut system to extend from 4 different gods acquire the favor
-Teils Beautiful landscape scenes (despite muddy textures)
-despite The Miessen German Syncro it's worth noting that time was allowed to, sometimes really long conversations to "tinker", the then yet so few can capture from antiques flair, if you can ignore hear about lisbelnde votes and fluctuating audio Quallität.


-Eigentlich No "RPG" as promised (gameplay always linear, no matter how you expressed in the conversations, the result is the same)
Texture maps partly underground (despite Unreal Engine 3)
-German Syncro varies totally from "acceptable" to lowest Nivau
-Eigentlich No replayability, since there is nothing to discover, neither "hidden" missions, interesting conversations, the Storryrelevant not there are several ends or other extras you can not even ever Visited again visit
-Teils Extreme deviation for real Jason saga
-Extremely Short game 8-10 hours (for a game that scolds himself RPG, much too little)


I had, in spite of serious weaknesses, have fun with it, since the topic "Ancient Greece" is very fresh and is partly well captured.

I would recommend it to those who are something "capable of suffering" and where a few euros, the second purchase, not too much pain, the initial purchase (beyond the 10-12 Euro) I would totally advise against.
In Dießem game you can at least a little "dream", but how great a really good game, let alone how insanely horny a "real" role-playing game, would be on the topic "Ancient Greece", have been ...

... Everyone else should make a wide berth dießes game and continue clicking immediately ;-).

Perfect. Fast delivery ... Rank: 5/5
July 8
Small skate Rank: 4/5
November 27
Great product 3541 Rank: 5/5
December 3
Foolproof! TOLL! Rank: 5/5
June 9

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