"What the ears", not "cheap" but "damned good"

"What the ears", not "cheap" but "damned good"

Sennheiser HDR 180 headphones (100 dB) (Electronics)

Customer Review

The set of Sennheiser RS180 consists of the above HDR180 headphones, the transmitter TR180 (occasionally with TX180 described) and various parts such as RCA / jack cable and power supply for the transmitter.

The look seems somewhat avant-garde, even with noble touch. At times one might remember the film "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang.

The acoustic qualities are among the best that are currently feasible with wireless headphones and offered on the market.
The sound seems well balanced, not typical for Sennheiser height emphasis, equipped with ample bass reserves, without boasting with roaring or droning basses. With detailed Woom-Woom basses you will be here but not happy, for it allows the headphones with classical music show its transparency sovereign.
For a better intelligibility of the mean level (ALC = automatic level control) may be lifted by the transmitter part. The maximum sound pressure of 100 dB is completely sufficient in order to perceive and subtleties in detail is entitled warned when permanently "jackhammer use" (especially in the high frequencies) before hearing.
In music playback of finished productions, this set can be used unconditionally and leaves little to be desired in the acoustic presentation open.
For Creative sound production, which requires a significantly higher dynamics, the limiter function strikes mercilessly when it is too loud here are bred speakers the first choice, alternatively come corded headphones with high pulse compatibility question.
The slow regulatory volume adjustment allows the optimum in the radio transmission, but deceiving in evaluating the technical dynamics that might disturb only acoustically trained ears.
A noise will hardly take in this headset note - if they do, then only with an absolute silence in the input section.

As a purist of magnification to get to his cost, if you want to separate from each corded limit preserve the spatial movement.
100m should be possible outdoors, so far it was for me not necessary to try or to exhaust this performance.
In the apartment, even across floors the performance is sufficient. The transmission frequency is 2.4 GHz, ie the classic WLAN frequency bands are used by all competing situations of wireless radio. However, in wireless environments contaminated the set for a long time retain stability.
For understanding it should be mentioned that not only transmitted from the transmitter to the headphone information, but also back. A station can access up to 4 headphones IDs simultaneously, ie a pairing (pairing of transmitter and receiver) is fundamental to any wireless acoustic freedom.
The Kleer transmission technology operates without destructive compressing algorithms, ie with a linear stream á la CD digital signal. This requires a wider transmission bandwidth than would be necessary with Bluetooth audio, it saves you the receiver end the energy-consuming data-decompression. So it is easy to understand that a fresh battery or battery charge (or AAA Micro) can hold 16 hours en bloc.
Granted, 16 hours will usually nobody keeps his headphones on with about 340 grams, the bill should be set up practical and fair.
The last 10% of the battery charge are not usable because of the ear near eavesdroppers off prematurely which serves to protect the battery and that's good!
In the last 30% of the battery capacity extreme wireless connections (under 100m clear line of sight or 2 floors with concrete slab) can no longer be kept stable and error-free upright.
In the years has come batteries last even longer what stands out as capacity. Well, the "Ring des Nibelungen" by Richard Wagner can probably no longer be heard in one go, but a detailed evening with Konstantin Wecker or other artists should already be possible without disturbing the neighbors.
For the next event the headphone on the transmitter can be kept hanging, so the hearing aid is cleaned up and the battery can be charged in Headphone remaining. Especially with rare inserts, it is recommended RTU (ready to use) or LSD batteries (low self-discharge) to use, so that is not announced after months of silence "Silence in the air".

Although the transmitting part in pure standby only 0.5W needed so can these consumers from the network, if for an extended period of inactivity is planned. A continuous charge is anyway not useful for modern battery.
Batteries for single use should belong to the past, from an environmental perspective.

The operation of the headset is possible via buttons on the right shell, however, requires a good deal of dexterity.

The headset can his Sennheiser origin not deny professionals appreciate products from Sennheiser not quite "cheap" but "damned good".

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