Why Infamous is an excellent game

Why Infamous is an excellent game

InFamous: Second Son (Video Game)

Customer Review

I received the game Saturday and I played a good part of the weekend.
At first I was surprised by the first opening phase of the game or you have to start by making a tag, (it reminded me of Jet Set Radio for Dreamcast), then as the game or you learn the controls and where the plot is set up.
Immediately the first thing that surprises is still the beauty of the game is simply beautiful, the lighting effects, particles, reflections in water, all physics of the game is not just ultra polished but also very realistic (the folds of the clothes, the expressions of the body ...
Then after some time you come play in the "arena" where is the action of the game, and the first nice surprise except the first load time no one break in all the open world (the city of detroit cut into quarters).
We quickly learn to use the first powers and there is the foot, the feeling of freedom is quite incredible helped by the perfect mastery of the hardware (no clipping, the field of vision of the city is huge, when we meet on the roof of a building depth of vision is pretty amazing.

I started doing a methodical approach (want to clean district by district and realize all the missions before moving to the next area) and thus the life seems pretty important.
In each district must eliminate the presence of the DUP police, drug traffickers, find notebooks missions, eliminate all cameras, recover fragments of holders of droids that increase his powers ...
True, I think that a person who only wants to make the main plot has to go fast enough (although at the beginning of the game you will be asked to choose among two and this will influence history to finish the game you will have to do it twice choosing both options).

To conclude I would say the game is really enjoyable to play, the player explodes by controlling this super hero and seen that the technique is to go, pleasure is immediate.

A great game that will make me say one thing yet I hate: Strongly DLC!

Note: from the start of the game do not forget to go to the options to change the difficulty level of the game (it is not proposed at the launch of a part is the player to go into the menu and choose) and be able to select the correct tape her to your equipment (the default is the 2.0 stereo, be sure to take the 5.1 home theater if you are equipped).

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