Why not so!

Why not so!

Hama Wireless Laser Mouse Mirano (800 / 1600dpi without clicks) white (accessory)

Customer Review

After several Deasaster with Logitech mice (the last M560) I ended up with this. Initially skeptical, because HAMA is for me only a trademark and the devil knows what's then but for a product behind it I was pleasantly surprised!

Actually, I have the property "without clicking noises" overlooked when buying, but after I used the mouse a few hours I find this feature to be very beneficial :-)
As a Linux user was for me the center button crucial this seems to have micro switch button (no cheap button as many Logitech).
Although the mouse with "without clicking noises" is touted, one should know that so that only the left and right mouse button is meant. The middle button, the rocker (the middle button can be left and right paddles) and the two thumb buttons are not silent keys, they are ordinary microswitches with "click". Would this also be "silent", this mouse would be perfect.

Granted, I'm still a little skeptical, because the "silent" buttons to hear also somehow a bit like the cheap button (no microswitches), but we'll see how long it lasts, the button normally give very quickly up the ghost. But I have long seen no mouse buttons, but the very cheap Noname 5 EUR, so I think that this feeling is deceptive :-)

Oh yes, you can under the mouse with a rubber button between different DPI resolution switching back and forth which is also very convenient.

Conclusion: a shame that not all buttons are silent, but perhaps it is a trend developing with the "without clicking noises" :-)
In the keyboards you have finally made the leap and you get today mainly keyboards without clicking, why not in mice?

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