Why the hell this record comes only now?

Why the hell this record comes only now?

Idealism (Audio CD)

Customer Review

What was the last influential electric chapel from Germany? Kraftwerk! How sound Digitalism? Daft Punk! But then again not, though are still at the beautiful in the parietal lobe echoing label Kitsuné signed and come yet from the
beautiful city where the beer tent colleagues to Hanspeter Baxxter and Co muddle, but then bring us again so beautiful driving electrifying dance music with no brain in the mixer and microphone tuned Lyrics ála Helga how much does the young herring and cheap tit presentation videos as we in Teutonic territories too often saw lately. If your might have none Electro Dance Music for this summer (unlikely) you should quickly go to the north and the two men shake hands and buy them their long player debut and then invite all a lot of friends for your party of the century. Because the album really burns the hut from which unspeakably good danceable electro-year market concerns not only for electronics handset. I must here real act together to stand up not just throw away the laptop and to swing my hips to Zdarlight or Idealistic. Digitalism always bring their songs and the listener to such a high climax of completely letting go that one garnicht noticed again that the already partially really sounds a bit like Daft Punk, Zdarlight could practically on a tribute album to her Homework disc be. And then there is yet again this comical moments where you have to just praise as a matter of course, yet cool ass pack up with distorted guitars and pounding nöligen votes membranes and intravenously to dine-body receiver in overalls. So you caught yourself how to collect the exchange of disengagement and force (Idealistic) by living in nice real manifestiertem reciprocal Deter minus thereafter to stand naturally in the corner of the cool dandy-house in the corner, with the caipirinha in hand to Digitalism in Cairo mitzunicken. Full change of mood after the hit single Pogo who manages to bring a really sad music, the atmosphere and the heat in the room to boil over, Now you've got a brighter smile, and in going to like it. At the latest at the Pulse is that true, and all looking in the room is that it is also not only for electro-fanatics are now something you nöhlenden öööh shit (pronounced Täch-nou) may show as a great example of creativity in the 4 / 4tel clock Techno, although not every song is a hit on the boards, so he brings us at least to mitwippen. And remember to breasts in music videos, as unsexy that's actually. For a summer, that thing in my player house arrest.

Casually go! Rank: 5/5
June 22
Hi-Fi? Rank: 2/5
March 24
Very good 1105 Rank: 5/5
December 17
Mixed keys KS Tools 503.4766 Rank: 5/5
January 1
The 80s come back Rank: 4/5
May 20

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